Supergirl Flies Better Than She Fights

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Effects still lack finesse
Story isn’t treated properly
Melissa Benoist isn’t picking up my calls

While not at the same production quality level as Arrow or Flash, Supergirl clearly has a charm of its own… and I’m not just talking about Melissa Benoist’s charm! (Consider me, charmed!)

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While the casting of Supergirl has already proven to be spot on, the ease of character interactions adds another feather into that cap. A lot of shows and even, movies force a bond between characters by simply exposing a familial tie. The beauty of Supergirl is that the strength of the bond between Kara and her adopted sister is very evidently developed.
Alex and Kara
The chemistry between Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh is well-spotted treasure and promises to build a strong relationship between the two. Strong enough for me to know for sure that if Alex does meet death during the course of the season, it’s gonna be monsoon season over my face.

A very well handled element of this episode is its supervillain. While shows like these do have the occasional lapses where the supervillains remain underdeveloped, Supergirl proves otherwise. Today’s villain, Reactron, was given a well-developed backstory, a proper motive and good dialogue. An extremely pleasing development for fans of superhero shows, especially those familiar with these characters from the comics.

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However, the story and episode itself lacked the treatment that would bring it to the levels of Arrow and Flash. With occasional lapses in pacing in terms of editing and action, the episode does not flow well as a whole and even felt abrupt at some points. I really do hope for the sake of the show that they improve the treatment over time, which would ensure Supergirl would be on par with the rest of the DCTV universe (minus Gotham).
Supergirl Flight
In addition, the quality of effects was also a bit of a letdown. While it is a minor factor as story takes priority, the level of finesse when it comes to effects would surely boost the entertainment factor a lot more.

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Next week on Supergirl:

[divider]Easter Eggs/Theories[/divider]

While Reactron’s past and history are mostly quelled as being a Superman villain, here in the show–it’s ironic that he actually has had more interaction with the Girl of Steel than her cousin in the comics.

Most significantly, he was involved in recent arc involving the death of Supergirl’s father wherein he was working with one General Sam Lane and…

Lucy Lane
Lucy Lane
… a.k.a. Superwoman.

No, she’s not Kryptonian, and yes, she is Lois Lane’s younger sister–but Lucy Lane’s life has been one of complications and awkward relationships.

Having dated Jimmy Olsen for a couple of years in the comics, the relationship was hardly ever of any significance with almost no on page development and was often just an aside to the main plot.

In her adult years, she chooses to work with her father in the a military capacity during the New Krypton saga as the mysterious, masked Superwoman.

While not exactly an easter egg, the episode has two big references to the celebrities, showing us that they exist in that continuity with talks about Caitlyn Jenner and a jab at “Keeping up with the Kryptonians.”

Super Watch
Super Watch
Having first appeared in 1954, the Signal Watch was given to Jimmy for his use in times of need. While the origin of this watch has been changed over the years, it has often taken great importance in stories featuring the ever-troubled Jimmy and could have its frequency modified to instead summon Krypto, Mon-El or Supergirl.

Perhaps, we may soon see James making some necessary modifications to his watch.

Millennial Falcon
So, just because you’re Han Solo’s wife, you get to make a witty reference to his vehicle? YES. Just yes.

Super Guest Star

The Man of Steel himself steps in to save Kara from his old foe. To be fair, he does stand for truth, justice and the American way!

Hot Lead
A known fact that Kryptonian’s X-ray vision can see through everything except lead. Useful when you want to hide something from them. Unless, of course, as it happens, it’s lead that they are looking for.

Next week on Supergirl:

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