Super Robot Wars – Almost Super

Game Design
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Great story
Amazing graphics
Fantastic cinematography
The story while very extensive, might be overwhelming for the casual player

Love classic turn-based RPGs? Are you an anime fan or do you just love great art work? Or do you just love robots? Well, then I may have found the game for you: Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers.

Super Robot Wars takes place in a time in space where Mecha Suits are used to police the cosmos. The game revolves around a pilot who goes rogue on a quest of vengeance against the corruption within the unit he’s in. While the game gives you the option of going through a lengthy tutorial to learn the ins and outs of game mechanics, it’s a really straight forward turn based game. If you’ve ever played a turn based RPG then it’s probably not necessary to do the tutorial (although there’s a few tricks on advanced tactics I learned so it may be worth a play through). You have a squadron of mechs you command and each pilot has special abilities and attacks.

The best parts about this game are the story, the artwork and the difficulty system. The artwork is absolutely amazing. It’s like watching a live action anime while you play. My favourite part about turn based RPG’s is the cinematography. This one is no different. Every scene has beautifully created art with vibrant colours and contrasting tones which makes for an image the really pops off the tv screen. The difficulty system is something that I’ve never quite experienced in a game of this type before. The harder you play, the harder it gets. If you are an over achiever, the game will up the difficulty to match your level of gameplay. As soon as it senses that you’re not trying as hard or aiming for every extra in every level, it will automatically lower the difficulty level so that you have a more casual playing experience. It’s quite a refreshing take on an RPG.

Now, the games greatest feature can also be the games greatest flaw. The storyline is quite extensive and really allows you to be fully immersed into the environment while playing. In fact, the story is so deep that it can be a bit overwhelming for the casual player. A lot of time is spent on cutscenes in between levels filling the missing holes in the story. While the animation art is amazing, the time spent reading the cutscenes gets a bit stale and old real fast.

If you’re a fan of mechs, space or just a good old fashioned turn-based RPG, Super Robot Wars is a must try.