Review: Super Dario Lasagne – Smashes Awesomely!

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Freshly made
Great tasting
Great service
Fairly small location

Ever craved affordable, great lasagne? Actually, have you ever not craved for affordable, great lasagne? Well, look no further! Super Dario Lasagne Cafe is the answer all your lasagne needs.

Located in City Square Mall, Super Dario Lasagne specialises in all kinds of lasagne–fillings range from beef and chicken, to tuna and mushrooms and so much more! The best part is that there’s so much variety you definitely will find something suited for you. Yes, even the vegetarians.

Super Dario’s small area may make seating a tad difficult if it gets crowded, but fret not, with the friendly staff, your experience there would be a pleasant one overall. Along with lasagne they also serve basic desserts like biscuits and panna cotta. You can even purchase set meal combos that include a lasagne, dessert and drink. Talk about value for money!

What bothered me however, was that everything was served with plastic cutlery, which isn’t a very environmentally friendly choice and, personally, I just do not like eating with plastic cutlery (they might have changed this policy since our last visit though). However, what changed my mind was the food, it was simply delicious and generously portioned providing me with a very filling and satisfying meal. Even the dessert, while not outstanding, wasn’t too bad.

A quick post-meal conversation with Dario himself informed us that the lasagne was made fresh everyday, which was really impressive as some places just reheat frozen lasagne (ugh). Overall Super Dario’s is really super is not only the place to go get your lasagne fix, but also for lasagne delivered to your door step.

Super Dario Lasagne Cafe is located at City Square Mall, #04-17.

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