The MCU Wins Super Bowl with Avengers and Captain Marvel

The Super Bowl could be easily considered as the defining American sporting event. Which essentially means that the rest of the world really doesn’t give a damnn.

Thankfully, the art of advertising has ensured that us non-Americans have a reason to least mark the dates out on our calendars: trailers!

Breaking the bank is Avengers: Endgame. The end of an eleven-year, twenty-two movie journey, it’s probably the most anticipated film of 2019

But the journey to Endgame isn’t just a torturous 3+ months of waiting. Thanks to Marvel Studios’ “three movies a year” plan, we have the MCU’s greatest hero debut next month with Captain Marvel!!

Speaking of kickass females, not all superheroes belong to Marvel and DC this year. Not if Alita: Battle Angel has something to say about it.

More trailers on page 2!

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