Steam Deck – Valve Launches Handheld Gaming PC

Valve has launched Steam Deck – “the most powerful, full-featured gaming handheld in the world”. Partnering with AMD, Steam Deck has a custom APU, optimized for handheld gaming and is designed to run the latest AAA games available in the Steam library.

The Steam Deck looks very much like a Nintendo Switch. It features a 7″ touchscreen, trackpads that allow you to play FPS games competitively, a Gyro that helps you aim better, and four analogue triggers.

More than just a handheld gaming device, Valve insists that you can use the Steam Deck as a PC and you can install and use PC software as well.

Steam Deck is Bluetooth-ready and can connect with other peripherals such as Bluetooth mouse, keyboard and headphones. Its USB-C port further expands connectivity options.

When docked, the Steam Deck’s USB-C port can carry video, audio, input, and can even be plugged into your TV or monitor.

The official dock props up the Steam Deck while connecting to external displays, USB peripherals, wired networking, and power. However, the official dock will be sold separately.

Steam Deck’s onboard 40 watt-hour battery should provide several hours of playtime for most games. For lighter use cases like game streaming, smaller 2D games, or web browsing, maximum battery life of approximately 7-8 hours is expected.

Steam Deck will be available with 3 different storage options – 64GB eMMC (USD 399), 256GB NVMe SSD (USD 529), or 512GB NVMe SSD (USD 649). You can increase storage with a microSD card as well.

Shipping starts December 2021 to the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom, with other regions in 2022.