Star Wars Identities Featured

Star Wars Identities is All About Finding Your Inner Fan

Forge your own identity in the 10-station exhibit... and then do it again!

Star Wars Identities is an opportunity for visitors to not only immerse themselves into the galaxy far, far away, but to also feel like they’re a part of it.

Similar to 2005’s Art of Star Wars exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre, Star Wars Identities hosts an array of original props and costumes from the movies, in addition to concept art pieces and character designs dating as far back to the mid-70’s, including iconic pieces by Star Wars legend Ralph McQuarrie.

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While Star Wars Identities is relatively light on the display pieces as compared to 2005’s Art of Star Wars exhibition, it makes up for it by providing a more interactive experience.

A key aspect of Star Wars Identities lies in driving its audience to understand the wide range of characters, worlds, and even occupations contained within the narrative’s universe. While much of it may be seen as a bit “gimmick-y,” truth it is, it’s pretty fun and the novelty adds an instant emotional investment in the journey.

Over the course of the exhibit, you find yourself building your character, from race and occupation, to finding a homeworld and selecting a mentor, before you have to ultimately choose between the Light or Darkside.

And, if you visit with friends, there’s even a station that allows you to tie your characters together resulting in them appearing in your final character composition.

And to wrap it all up, you can end your journey by having your character (and a short biography) sent to your e-mail for future access. It’s a nice little treat to immortalise your visit to the exhibit.

Tickets are available for purchase from 15 January at all Marina Bay Sands box offices and website and range from $20 to $80 for Singapore Residents, and $24 to $90 for Standard tickets.

For Singaporeans, the SingapoRediscovers Vouchers can also be used to purchase tickets to the exhibition here.