Star Wars Day May 4th 2020 Singapore

May the 4th 2020 – Celebrating a Galaxy from Home: Singapore Style

Celebrate Star Wars with FightSaber Sg and the Rebel Legion Amidst the Circuit Breaker

This article on celebrating May the 4th 2020 (a.k.a Star Wars Day) from home might as well have been called “Fightsaber Does Something Awesome!” But, the Singapore chapter of The Rebel Legion is also doing some awesome stuff, so these groups are gonna have to share the glory.

Star Wars Dress-Up Competition

FightSaber‘s Singapore Temple has tied up with Reed to host a dress-up competition!

Simply get into character with just household items, recycled material, or home-made gear and submit your entry with details on who’re you’re dressed as in the comments section of the following Facebook post before the 9th of May:

Remember to have a read of the T&Cs in the above post’s images before submitting! Rules like “purchased or official costumes are strictly prohibited” will be important ones to take note of!

Star Wars Scene Re-Enactment Competition!

Okay, this is just as epic as anything can get… short of just watching the movies, I guess.

So put on your George Lucas/Irvin Kershner/Richard Marquand/J. J. Abrams/Rian Johnson shoes and hit the cameras, lights, and get acting!

Again, remember to have a read of the T&Cs in the attached post’s images before starting! Things seem a little more lenient for this one, BUT not that you can only recreate scenes from the 11 Star Wars films! That means you’d have to pick a scene from one of the nine Episodes that constitutes the Skywalker Saga, or the two Star Wars Stories: Rogue One and Solo.

Still, that’s a lot of content to be inspired by, so get cracking and get creative!

Rebelthon 2020 – A Webathon in Support of UNICEF

The Rebel Legion has also swooped in on the Star Wars Day spirit with a webathon in support of UNICEF!

May the 4th 2020 Rebelthon Guest Line-Up

You can join Cathar Base Singapura, the Singapore chapter of the Rebel Legion, to help raise funds for UNICEF this May the 4th. More can be found out at the event’s Go Fund Me page.

And if you’re looking to dive into some on-screen Star Wars action, head over here to find out what Disney+ has in store for fans!