St. Patrick’s Day and Beyond with Alcohol Delivery

This St. Patrick’s Day, Alcohol Delivery is making sure that a jiggy gold pot comes knocking on your door.

Till stocks run out, their online platform promises to give you the perfect cold pint of Guinness at a marvellous bundle deal of 4x440ml cans of Guiness Draught at just $29.80, along with complimentary Guinness glassware, all chilled.

Not to be confused with the Guinness Foreign Extra, Guinness Draught is designed to simulate a true pub experience with the infamous widget a nitrogen-filled plastic ball that promises the beer to taste as closely as it would when poured from the tap.

If you just don’t feel like a perfect golden pint of cold brew, you can also settle for any of the 500 other items on their menu, which boasts a sublime selection of craft beers, premium spirits, cocktail packages and bartending tools.

Well, ya know what they say, a good beer deal’s like a four leaf clover; they don’t come around that much, but when they do, you ought to take em’!