Spizza – I Spit-za On Thy Name!

As a kid I used to always look forward to Saturday night. It was the one time a week we got to eat something special. We would listen to my mom place the order on the phone, and watch impatiently from the window for the delivery guy to show up. When we saw the car pull up and heard the doorbell ring my brothers, sister and I would all rush to the door and cheer. We would tear open the box in anticipation of the godly feast which was brought before us.

”The All Mighty PIZZA!!!!”

Even to this day I still have fond memories of scarfing down the glorious meal with siblings in front of the TV watching our favourite movie. That was at least until the day I ordered Spizza. Now my vision of pizza is forever scarred.

I decided to order Spizza for dinner the other night and was taken aback at the prices. For delivery pizza I felt it was a bit high, but gave the benefit of the doubt as its marketed as artesian brick oven baked pizza. Now when you hear such a phrase it makes you think of delicious oven baked crust and the freshest ingredients all thrown in with a beautifully sweet tomato sauce and sweet amount of mozzarella.

Unfortunately all we got was a half burnt pizza. We ordered the Franca and added extra mozzarella, pepperoni and buffalo mozzarella. I was shocked to see half our pizza was burnt. Now the issue here is that they must have seen the pizza was burnt and still decided to send it out anyway. How can you call yourself a restaurant–let alone an artesian restaurant–and be sending out burnt food?

While this is never acceptable, it may have been tolerated during the days when pizza reined supreme when it came to food delivery, but with all the food delivery services available now this is just dumb. All they are doing is showing that they don’t care what they serve as long as you pay. At a whopping $35+ you expect to see something that isn’t at least char-coaled black.

It shows how much appreciation and thought they put into their customers. If they appreciated our business they wouldn’t send burnt food.

Burnt Spizza!

The real kicker for me though was the second pizza we ordered, the Katerina. For the pizza they were supposed to get right, it looked less appetising then the burnt one. On top of that, the beef carpaccio was layed haphazardly on a plate that by the time it got to us looked like a piece of paper. You had to literally tear off a sheet to try and lay on your pizza to eat.

This, with the combination of cheapest and most disgusting olive oil I’ve ever had in my life, made me literally curse the name “Spizza” while sitting on the toilet all night with an upset stomach.

When I spoke with the manager he offered to replace the burnt pizza and have it delivered at our doorstep within 15 minutes. There’s an issue here. Either they knew they were sending out a defective item and were already prepared to send a replacement (which doesn’t bode well), or he was lying and it would take much much longer to arrive.

I worked in a pizzeria in high school while growing up in Chicago, famous for the Chicago deep dish (now there’s some seriously good pizza), and I know it takes more than 15 minutes just to bake a pizza from scratch. So either it was going to be teleported to my house using the manager’s mutant abilities or someone somewhere wasn’t exactly telling the whole truth.

Take it from Juan Pablo, stay away from Spizza. It’s not worth the heartache of scarring your childhood memories, and it definitely isn’t worth the stomachache caused by the trauma to your digestive tract. Spizza, and in particular the branch that delivers to the Yishun area, gets the Juan Pablo, stinker of the week.

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