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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Kicks Multiverse Ass!

What could be better than Spider-Man? Spider-Men! And a Spider-Woman! And let's not forget a Spider-Ham!

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Insane animation style captures the essence of comic books
Brilliant acting
Fantastic adaptation of a complex story, with a script that's arguably untouchable!
May be a little alienating to audiences not familiar with superhero stuff
Untimate isn't a word

If somebody told you that Spider-Man’s been done to death… if somebody told you they got it right the first time, and they should have never made another Spidey movie again… if somebody told you that people were tired of Spider-Man…

Somebody lied.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse proves that even with five spider-bitten heroes, the world could never have enough Spider-Man. And that is why we have so many of them!

Spider-Man: Homecoming Returns the Legend to the Universe!

Set in an adaptation of the Ultimate Universe (sans shitty X-Men, and incestual Maximoffs), Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse finally brings to centre stage fan-favourite character Miles Morales, heir to the Spider-Man mantle in the Marvel Ultimate Universe. For the sake of spoilers, I’m not gonna delve too much into that, but it is pretty impressive how screenwriters Phil Lord and Rodney Rothman have extracted the essence of and adapted a relatively complicated concept for a 120 minute film.

Lord’s and Rothman’s unique take on this superhero’s tale is only enhanced with the practically panel-to-screen animation style that throws the characters’ comic book origins in your face… quite literally. The primary animation is only bolstered by the differing styles used to represent the Spider-People (and animals) of the different realities, highlighting the intrinsically varied forms of art that’s graced the storied history of Spider-Man.

Adding to the already instilled humanity of the characters is a great cast that often make you forget that they are not actually on screen, something that is only mostly achieved with Pixar films (or the occasional Disney romp).

Into the Spider-Verse also serves a reminder that regardless of how insane the action scenes of live action cinema can be, animated sequences will almost always hold a torch to which live action simply cannot live up.

But most importantly, yes, the Stan Lee cameo is awesome, and somewhat heart-wrenchingly poignant given his recent passing. But if there was ever a hero that best represented the beliefs of The Man, it would certainly be ol’ webhead, so it was most fitting to see one of his coolest (and, perhaps, longest) cameos in this true-to-form comic book come to life featuring the many faces of Spider-Man.

While it’s normal for the star-studded cast (who were amazing), or the brilliant animation (which was spectacular), or the fast-paced action (which was sensational), to steal the show, the truth remains that the heartfelt, earnest, and sincerely inspired take on Spider-Man was simply superior to anything aesthetic.

Simply put, this was the ultimate Spider-Man experience.

2018 has been home to many a superhero movie–all of them pretty great–but Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is the undisputed, quintessential superhero comic book experience.

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