Spider-Man: Far From Home is Close to the Heart

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Living Up to Legends
Great pick-up from Endgame
The "small-scale" movie that the MCU has so badly needed
Tom Holland continues to be the Spider-Man we've deserved
The Let Down
Trailers really need to stop showing so much!

How could Spider-Man outdo the biggest superhero film of all time? How could a teenage superhero outdo the largest collection of iconic characters, culminating a twenty-one year journey with an epic finale?

You don’t. ‘Cause you don’t need to. The Avengers films are about heroes who have to come together to face the foes no single superhero can withstand, and the standalone features just aren’t about that. With Thanos finally gone, with the status quo mostly restored, what we needed was a reminder that superheroes weren’t just about saving the world–they’re about saving the people in it, too. And, thankfully, in a world with men flying around in capes and shooting lasers from their hands, we have Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: Far From Home essentially hits the ground running with its post-Endgame premise. Set a few months after the climatic events of the last Avengers movie, Far From Home smartly maneuvers the story away from the other aspects of the MCU, instead shrinking the focus down to the people who had been dusted during the snappening. Comical outcome of people popping back into existence aside, the fallout’s been real with many not having a place in their own lives anymore.

And while that may merit a movie on its own, thankfully Far From Home isn’t tempted to allow the big picture-ness of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to weigh it down and jumps straight into Peter’s life.

While the last few individual character movies have essentially been a breath of fresh air each time, Spider-Man: Far From Home especially nails it in the department of returning to the roots of a character wherein not everything’s about the “big picture.” And this is a recurring theme dealt with successfully over the course of the film as Peter has to, time and again, decide if he wants to be just Peter Parker, or heir to the late Avenger.

And thankfully, the outcome is a little something more than the usual Disney Channel fare, sealing the fact that this Spider-Man is the one we’ve been waiting for.

Also–and this really shouldn’t have to be said anymore–do NOT walk out of the cinema till the final post-credit scene is done. Unlike some recent entries, Far From Home‘s post-credit scene is sure to lead up to whatever Marvel Studios has in store for us in Phase 4!

Spider-Man: Far From Home is out and is the perfect wind down to the superhero season.