Spider-Gwen Swings Back To Action With Her Secret Origin

Fan favourite Spider-Verse remnant, Spider-Gwen #1, is back in the All-New, All-Different Marvel!

Now is your chance to jump in with a clean entry point into Marvel’s breakout sensation of the year! The answers you’ve been waiting for are here: the secret history of Gwen Stacy & Peter Parker revealed! Someone out there has recreated Peter’s Lizard formula. The same formula that mutated him, branded Gwen a fugitive and ultimately cost Peter his life. Gwen will not let that happen to anyone else – no matter the cost. But with NYPD Captain Frank Castle and the Kingpin of Crime Matt Murdock still on her trail, that won’t be so easy.

Plus, the introduction of Norman Osborn and Harry Osborn. What could possibly go wrong? The next epic chapter of Gwen Stacy’s life is about to begin. And you won’t want to miss the bombastic debut as she swings into comic shops once more in Spider-Gwen #1 this October!
Spider-Gwen #1
Written by Jason Latour
Art & Cover by Robbi Roriguez & Rico Renzi
Variant Covers by Nick Bradshaw, Skottie Young, Bruce Timm,
Kirby Monster Variant by Francesco Francavilla
Action Figure Variant by John Tyler Christopher
Hip Hop Variant by Humberto Ramos
Cosplay Variant featuring Kathrine Zan
On-Sale 14th October 2015

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