Speco Ion – The First Smart Sanitiser That Automates Cleaning In the Office and Home

In the face of an ongoing pandemic, it has become increasingly important for individuals to identify effective ways of sanitising their surroundings and protecting themselves from harmful bacteria and germs.

With indoor work environments and homes being two of the places where people spend a significant amount of their time, the need for reliable sanitisation solutions has become more pressing than ever before..

Award-winning smart hygiene company,Speco, has launched the first smart sanitiser available in the world, the Speco Ion.

Where in the past it would take extensive amounts of time and effort to clean surface tops of furniture, now, with the Speco Ion, disinfecting and cleaning is automated and easier to achieve, so that daily and regular sanitisation is easier and more accessible for all homes and offices.

Combining air purification and sanitisation in a single compact device, it is the world’s first dual air purifier and sanitiser, making it easier to install in office spaces and smart homes. The settings of the Speco Ion are also designed to be user-friendly for anyone, and they can monitor the device performance and can be plugged into a smart home ecosystem through Google Home and Alexa.

This new smart sanitiser arrives in a timely manner just as more people are tasked to return back to the office. Making daily and regular sanitisation easy to plan in the offices and at homes, Speco Ion hopes to help automate hygiene routines in people’s daily lives.

This new technology as perfected by Speco is also made special with the company’s commitment to sustainability, with the goal to make this green technology accessible to every household.


The company’s high standards of social and environmental performances is seen from the company’s product design, and all company products are ISO-lab certified to be non-cytotoxic, safe for inhalation and long -term exposure.

The device is the first of the Speco+ series that aims to revolutionise the way people think about home health and hygiene, including the Speco Kit and Speco Wave, as well as a series of Speco+ Care Packs.

Speco is also looking to extend its range towards anti-dengue, pet hygiene, and also probiotics, so as to cover the needs of people from everyone from home.

The Speco Ion may be experienced at the Speco Singapore showroom at 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #01-01, Singapore 139955. For more information, please go to www.speco.sg or to www.shop.speco.sg.