Sony Launches Shotgun Microphone ECM-G1 For Vlogging

Sony has launched a new small and lightweight ECM-G1 microphone that enhances the standard of video recording through high-quality sound collection.

Clear, high-quality sound plays an important role when capturing content for video. The ECM-G1 boasts a large-diameter (approx. 14.6 mm) microphone capsule, and is engineered to provide clear sound collection while suppressing noise, greatly improving the quality of video production.

The ECM-G1 is designed with vlogging in mind as it captures voices clearly, includes a wind screen to reduce wind noise when shooting outdoors and has an optimised structure to suppress vibration noise with anti-vibration dampers.

When connected to a Sony camera equipped with the Multi Interface (MI) shoe, the cable-less design also eliminates cable-transmitted vibration noise.

Clear sound collection from in front of the camera is emphasised due to the ECM-G1’s super-cardioid pick up pattern, with ambient noise suppressed to ensure only wanted audio is captured – great for selfie shooting.

Even when shooting indoors, the ECM-G1 is made to be effective at reducing echo pickup from walls and voice reverberation resulting in clear conversation sound collection.


MI Shoe support enables greater flexibility with battery-free and cable-free shooting. Power is supplied directly from the camera to the microphone so no issues with the battery running out or cables in the way.

The ECM-G1 is ultra-light, weighing just 34 g, and very compact (W x H x D: 28.0 mm x 50.8 mm x 48.5 mm) so can be used anywhere, anytime.

A recording cable is included and the microphone jack is compatible with a wide range of devices, such as cameras and smartphones, giving users the ultimate flexibility for various shooting requirements.

The ECM-G1 will be available at selected retail shops and online stores from August 2022.