Source: Wikimedia

Sony and Foo Fighters in Hi-Res Partnership

Sony announced their partnership with Foo Fighters to deliver convincing, premium quality High-Resolution Audio experiences to audiophiles worldwide.

This coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Foo Fighters’ acclaimed 1995 self-named debut album. The legendary band has always been uncompromising in regards to audio quality and is renowned for proactively demonstrating the highest standards in audio technology live on the road, at the band’s own 606 Studios or in the various legendary studios in which the band’s current album, Sonic Highways, was recorded.

Since 2013, Sony has been expanding its lineup of Hi-Res compatible products loaded with unique audio technologies, and establishing collaborations across the music industry in order to spread the growth of Hi-Res Audio – a format which faithfully reproduces the original recording, and enables users to enjoy music the way the artists truly intended.


Sony will be engaging in various marketing initiatives aimed at further promoting Foo Fighters and Hi-Res Audio, leveraging the power of Hi-Res Foo Fighters songs worldwide, including Japan, the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

So, while it might be a while before Foo Fighters can resume touring again (frontman, Dave Grohl broke his leg during a show in Sweden), this might just be the next best thing.