SmileDirectClub Nighttime Aligners Launch in Singapore

Waking up with a smile you love is easier now that SmileDirectClub, the U.S.-based telehealth pioneer and market leader in dentist-directed remote clear aligner treatment, today announced the launch of SmileDirectClub Nighttime Aligners, the aligner system that straightens your teeth while you sleep.

With its nighttime-wear smile transforming solution, Nighttime Aligners are a discreet, flexible and convenient teeth-straightening solution for eligible candidates with mild to moderate crowding and spacing.

“Millions of people want to straighten their smile, but some customers tell us that all-day wear can be a challenge for their job or lifestyle. SmileDirectClub Nighttime Aligners empower customers to achieve the smile they have always wanted in a way that’s best for their routine. Nighttime Aligners offer a solution for time-starved consumers with busy schedules. Eat, play and work all day and let the aligners do their work at night,” said Kay Oswald, President of International at SmileDirectClub.

“The launch of Nighttime Aligners further strengthens SmileDirectClub’s mission to increase access to affordable, convenient orthodontic care and democratise confidence through a better smile.”

SmileDirectClub provides two teeth straightening options designed for minor to moderate teeth correction. SmileDirectClub aligners are prescribed 22-hour wear per day with an average treatment length of 4-6 months and allow customers to remove aligners to eat and drink.

Achieving the same results as SmileDirectClub aligners, the newly launched SmileDirectClub Nighttime Aligners are designed for 10 continuous hours of nighttime wear with an average treatment length of 10 months.

Another first from SmileDirectClub, Nighttime Aligners allow customers the freedom to choose teeth straightening option that does not disrupt their daily lifestyle and instead straightens their teeth while they sleep. Same as SmileDirectClub 22-hour aligner treatment, the Nighttime Aligners treatment is directed and monitored by a registered dentist or orthodontist using the pioneer’s teledentistry platform.

SmileDirectClub manufactures and ships the USA-made aligners complete with the latest Comfort Sense technology designed for an even smoother fit on aligners, and Smart Sculpt technology to forecast exactly how we would move your teeth, directly to your door. Once received, customers can begin their dentist-directed treatment from the comfort of their home without needing frequent in-person visits.

Customers can simply begin their Smile Journey with a free 3D image appointment at SmileShops located in Nuffield Dental Clinics at HarbourFront Centre, One Raffles Place Mall, and Wheelock Place.

Nighttime Aligners are now available for purchase through SmileDirectClub in Singapore for a single payment of SGD 2,500 or 24 monthly payments of SGD 115 with an SGD 350 deposit, which is up to 70% less than the cost of traditional braces. The price is the same as SmileDirectClub 22-hour aligners.