Singapore’s Many Cameos in Comics!

This National Day Singapore turns the big five-oh and it has been an impressive half a century especially if you were to rack it up in terms of comic book appearances. Seriously, Singapore is almost like the Stan Lee of nations.

So check out this list of comics that Singapore has been honoured to grace in gloriously pencilled detail, and maybe go check if your local comic book store has some of these in stock. After all, how better to celebrate the 50th National Day?!

While Singapore’s first comic book appearance was in Wonderworld Comics #3 published in 1939, most comic book fans would probably remember her appearance in Birds of Prey #64, and #81-#84.

And of course, there is Marvel’s Madripoor, an island located in Southeast Asia as well, just south to Singapore but very much based on our island-home. Madripoor has been known to be home to the likes of Wolverine (in his days as Patch), Sabertooth and even Jessica Jones, soon to be a hero in her own Netflix series.

The most memorable appearance of Singapore in comics, however, might actually be in Mark Waid’s Irredeemable… only for it to be destroyed by the Plutonian within the very first arc of the series. Okay, so maybe not a great cameo for Singapore, but still impressive to have been featured in arguably one of the best independent superhero comics to date.

Also, the Chow Yun Fat image up-top has absolutely nothing to do with this article, but it was either him or the poster of the new Hitman flick… so, yeah.