Singapore Fighting Championship (SFC) set to be amateur MMA’s next big thing

The Singapore Fighting Championship (SFC), an amateur Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) promotion, will host its inaugural event at the historical Singapore Badminton Hall (now known as Gymkraft) at 100 Guillemard Road Singapore 399718 on 20 December 2014.

The 4 – man MMA tournament, which was launched and held its very first weigh-in at London Bar Boat Quay yesterday, is the first event of its kind in Singapore. Held with the aim to develop home-grown Singaporean amateur MMA fighters by providing them with a platform to enhance their martial arts skills and experience.

The first Singaporean amateur MMA Champions in their respective weight category will be crowned at the event. Each winner will receive a Championship belt and a cash prize of $300 Singapore dollars.

Syafiq ‘The Slasher’ Samad (Juggernaut Fight Club) vs Silvio Romero(Brazilian fight club)

“Our Goal is to promote the sport of Amateur MMA here in Singapore and to work closely with the Wrestling Federation of Singapore, under their pankration(amateur MMA) umbrella to build a National Team to represent us in regional and international competitions. Also we here at SFC would like to build an amateur fighter’s career and transition them to the pro ranks,” said Arvind Lalwani, Head Coach, Juggernaut Fight Club and SFC organizer.

But is there a need for an amateur circuit? Syafiq bin Abdul Samad aka the Slasher, ex-national fighter (Boxing, Thai Boxing and Wrestling) and first Singaporean to win the gold medal (youth) at the Asian Muay Thai Championships, has no doubt that it’ll be beneficial for the scene.

“SFC is great for the Singapore MMA scene. While many fighters look at the professional circuit, amateur promotions provide the foundation and experience that gives them the advantage when they go professional” said Syafiq “the Slasher”.

“I’ve seen many fighters that have gone straight to the pro circuit and don’t do as well as those with an amateur background who already have refined their fight styles and ‘go-to-moves’. SFC will definitely benefit the local fight scene.”