Here’s Who’s Putting the Singapore in Singapore Comic Con!

Newly christened as Singapore Comic Con (SGCC), this local convention for all things geek returns for its 12th year running. And while each year gets bigger with a roster of guests capable of challenging some of the other regional competitors, the true stars remain the Singaporean creators who fight to realise their dreams.

So when you head to SGCC this year, remember to drop by on the exhibitors who’re putting the “Singapore” in Singapore Comic Con!

Koh Hong Teng is an Esteemed Guest in His Own Home!

An award-winning illustrator and comic artist, Koh Hong Teng’s contribution to the local scene cannot be overstated. From culturally iconic pieces like Ten Sticks and One Rice with Oh Yong Hwee, to the awesome Gone Case with Dave Chua, Hong Teng’s work is deserving of nation-wide applause.

Furthermore, his talent and dedication to the stories his art tell, makes him a national treasure right up there with the likes of Sonny Liew!

Koh Hong Teng’s newest work, The Assassin, will be launched at SGCC 2019, and is one of our must get picks!

The Art of KJ Enters the Arena

Freshman artist KJ recently entered the world of comic books with his inaugural title The World, My Arena. The first issue of an independently published and singularly written/illustrated series, KJ’s entry was a Kickstarter success!

Also known for his fan art pieces of popular pop culture characters, KJ’s a favourite for commissions on prints and blank cover variants. So be sure to pile up on them blanks before dropping by booth TF53.

The Super Secret Book for Heroes!

Take a trip to Diamond City to hang out with this team of six superhero teenagers who use their powers to fight crime!

Written by Tian En Wong with gorgeous art by many a talented artist, the characters alone make the price of admission pretty worth it! Check out this super secret world at booth TF52, where cosplayer Katy Kat will be on hand with posters, phonebooks, and photo opportunities!

Sacred Guardian Singa Debuts!

A Singaporean henshin hero? Yes, please. The team at at tokuAsia have finally brought their 13-year-long dream to reality and future fans will get a chance to learn more soon.

From learning about their journey at the Creative Space at 12:30pm, to meeting the cast over the two days, Sacred Guardian Singa promises to be a fresh of breath air for people looking for a Singaporean hero.

If you’re not at the Creative Space, head to booth C8 to meet this toku hero in the flesh… so to speak.

’Tis the Season to be Jedi… or Sith…

(… or Ren… Whatever.)

Singapore’s very own Star Wars pride and joy, FightSaber, returns to SGCC to bring that festive joy to us all: a brand new Star Wars episode!!

If you’ve needed an outlet to celebrate your successful ticket purchase, mourn the loss of getting one of the many collectibles, or just to enjoy the hype of what’s coming soon, head to booth FB5!

Over the years, FightSaber has provided some the best fan-driven and family-friendly Star Wars content for everyone who’s just wanted to experience the joy of wielding a lightsaber. Join them at the Jedi Academy & Sith Academy from 2 to 3pm and 5 to 6pm each day.

And because it is the way of both the Jedi and the Sith to take care of the people around them (discounting that pesky Rule of Two) FightsSaber will also be raising funds for their designated charity, Beyond Social Services.

Beyond Social Services is a Children & Youth agency that works closely with families with young people. They work together with low-income rental flat communities to foster positive environments where young people have a sense of belonging and can refuse a lifestyle of delinquency. All proceeds raised will go directly to Beyond Social Services.