Shure Revolutionizes Audio with the New SM7dB Microphone

Shure celebrates the 50th anniversary of its renowned SM7 series by introducing the SM7dB, an innovative XLR dynamic vocal microphone. This launch heralds a new era in audio recording for podcasters, streamers, and vocalists, blending the timeless sound of the SM7B with modern technological advancements.

In 1973, the world was introduced to the SM7, a microphone that would become a staple in recording studios worldwide. Fast forward fifty years, Shure has seamlessly integrated contemporary technology into this iconic line with the SM7dB. This microphone stands out with its built-in active preamp, a Shure-designed marvel that simplifies the audio workflow by eliminating the need for inline amplification.


The SM7dB is not just about maintaining the rugged construction and audio quality synonymous with the SM7B; it’s an evolution. The added phantom-powered preamp offers up to +28 decibels of clean gain, resolving the common issue of hiss and noise prevalent in many audio interfaces. This feature makes the SM7dB particularly appealing to a broad range of users, from novices to seasoned professionals.

For those who require extra sensitivity, the SM7dB’s gain boost ensures that audio is captured with crystal-clear clarity, whether it’s for a recording, broadcast, or live stream. And for instances where this additional gain isn’t necessary, a simple bypass feature reverts the microphone to its original SM7B state.


The SM7dB’s wide-range frequency response is meticulously crafted to capture a variety of sound sources. Whether it’s the subtle nuances of spoken word, the dynamic range of singing, or the intensity of loud instruments, this microphone handles it all with finesse. Equipped with the same EQ controls as the SM7B, users can tailor the sound to suit their recording environment.

Adopting a cardioid polar pattern, the SM7dB is engineered to focus solely on the sound source while rejecting off-axis audio. This design, coupled with air suspension shock isolation and a pop filter, minimizes distractions and unwanted noise. Additionally, advanced electromagnetic shielding protects against interference from external devices.

Eduardo Valdes, Associate Vice President of Global Marketing & Product Management at Shure, highlights the historical significance of the SM7 family. He notes, “The SM7dB builds upon a 50-year legacy, making it even easier to achieve the renowned Shure sound without the need for an additional preamp.”

Available in a sleek black-on-black finish, the SM7dB can be purchased at AV One, Connect IT, KrisShop, Swee Lee, Swiftware, and Treoo. Priced at S$799, inclusive of GST, it offers a cost-effective solution for achieving professional-grade recordings.