Shabu EN Provides An Option for Japanese Cuisine Light on the Wallet

From the skilled kitchens of EN Sakaba and Monster Curry comes Shabu EN, the fourth dining concept from the EN group, along with EN Bar. Not only offering a new range of choice and variety, Shabu EN introduces Singaporeans to a whole new type of Japanese cuisine—the Kyushu Taki Nabe hotpot.

With its debut restaurant opening in Parkway Parade—just by its sister franchise Monster Curry—Shabu EN will focus on affordable contemporary Japanese cuisine in a style well-loved by locals: shabu shabu.

Coupled with fresh ingredients with premium and award-winning produce from Japan’s ranch, the flavours are further enhances by Shabu EN’s head chef Tatsuya Nagayama’s original recipes—especially the soup bases and sauces of Kyushu Taki Nabe that specialise in enhancing the umami of the ingredients.

While it might seem like the shabu shabu concept is nothing new nor special here in Singapore, this native to Kyushu changes the game with a specially designed hotpot by including an extension built around the heated pot of boiling broth loaded with equal parts Grade A5 Miyazaki champion Wagyu and Iberico Pork Belly.

Stacked on top of fresh cabbage and garnished with spring onions, the encircling meat is slowly steamed and can be simply pushed into the broth, resulting in a melting pot of flavours.

While meat isn’t of much fare in variety for this cuisine, it is made up for with the opportunity to infuse it withe flavours of various soup bases and sauces, some of which are Chef Tatsuya’s original creations, designed specially to complement the experience.

Available from $28.80 for a serving for two, Shabu EN will also offer more than its signature hotpot. The aptly named Jyubako Black Bento Box (meaning ‘black treasure box’) steals some of the spotlight on the menu with its Miyazaki Aburi Wagyu bento set ($25++) and Premium Beef Yakiniku set ($15.80++), and a lighter option of the Tendon set ($14.80++) with battered prawn and vegetable tempura.

So if you’re looking for a Japanese cuisine experience that can be heavy on the stomach but light on the wallet, Shabu EN just might be what you’re looking for.

Check out Shabu EN at #01-11 Parkway Parade, 80 Marine Parade Road, Singapore 449269 between 11am and 10pm everyday!

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