Check Out The Hulk’s Future In Secret Wars!

Having made his reappearance in Spider-Man 2099, the Maestro is back in Secret WarsFuture Imperfect.

Hulk is the strongest there is! Now, what if he was the smartest, most calculating, ruthless villain there is too? Enter the Maestro! That’s the question when the oppressive lord of Dystopia comes to Battleworld for Future Imperfect #1! Also, this issue will see the InGwenible Hulk variant cover by Nick Bradshaw.

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Legendary writer Peter David returns to the nuclear ravaged wastelands he made famous alongside artist Greg Land for an explosive all-new Secret Wars tale! Now calling himself the Maestro, the Hulk stands triumphant over the world’s heroes and villains having bested them all! Ruling his domain on Battleworld, his gamma-fisted tyranny knows no bounds. Can anyone stop him? Nobody knows – but that won’t stop a small band of rebels led by X-Factor from trying!

Future Imperfect #1
Written by Peter David
Art & Cover by Greg Land
Variant Cover by Dale Keown
Ant-Sized Variant by Dale Keown
InGwenible Hulk Variant by Nick Bradshaw
On Sale 03rd June

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