Secret Wars’ Warzones Erupt in Inferno #1!

Marvel’s Secret Wars takes us back into the fiery waste of Manhattan with the X-Men in Inferno #1 by Dennis Hopeless (Spider-Woman, Cable and X-Force) and Javier Garron (Cyclops).

Welcome to the ruins of Manhattan, now ablaze with fire and brimstone. Five years ago, a band of demons rose up out of those fiery depths and turned the world to Hell on Earth. The X-Men were all that stood in the way of complete obliteration. The X-Men fought for survival. The X-Men failed…

Now, Colossus is leading a surviving team of X-Men back into the Inferno. None of them know what lies on the other side, but one thing is certain, they’re not coming back without his sister! Now, amidst the fire and the fury lies demons, ghouls, and the Goblin Queen herself. Colossus and his team of Nightcrawler, Boom Boom and Domino will face them all in an effort to save Illyana. But can she be saved? Or has she already been lost?

Inferno #1
Written by Dennis Hopeless
Art & Cover by Javier Garron
Variant Cover by Adi Granov
On Sale 27th May