BREAKING: Netflix’s Defenders, Marvel’s Dark Knights

The Defenders are no Avengers. They aren’t looking to inspire hope in shiny suits, or quip wittily while punching the bad guy in the face (well, maybe sometimes).

Lined up by the likes of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist (and maybe with a dash of Elektra and the Punisher?), the Defenders are here to clean up their city… and if you can’t wipe the blood off your hands, why not just get it dirtier, right?

With SDCC pretty much owning the “important news” section of this week, Netflix has taken the opportunity to not only announce the release dates of the upcoming shows, but also confirm the third season of Daredevil, and offer a sneak peek of the shows.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage has been long anticipated since the announcement of Jessica Jones. Not only a fan favourite, but the character is also what ties Jessica Jones to the likes of Iron Fist.

And in a comic book context, Luke’s ties with the Avengers go helluva lot deeper than any of the other Defenders. While Iron Fist and Daredevil both look the part of superheroes more than Luke, it was Luke, after all, who ran the New Avengers for some years at the request of Tony Stark (who sold him the Avengers mansion for a dollar…).

In addition to his own history connecting the series, Daredevil regular Rosario Dawson will be appearing as Claire Temple, becoming the first actress/character to have appeared in all of Netflix’s current Marvel shows.

Iron Fist

And because where there’s smoke there’s bound to be fire, Iron Fist joins the Marvel/Netflix line-up with his own series.

A frequent partner and colleague to Luke Cage, the two are generally portrayed as best friends and the main members of Heroes for Hire Inc., launching in their joint title: Power Man and Iron Fist.

And check out this sick poster:
Iron Fist Poster

While the Netflix tone of shows wouldn’t exactly fit the campiness of the original comic series, the concept may manifest to some extent alongside Jessica Jones’ Alias Investigations. Hell, if they need a lawyer, they could always turn to Daredevil.

Nirvana’s Defenders

Oh my Odin! Is this perfect or is this perfect?!

This trailer shows almost nothing and yet tells us everything we need to know about the show. This is how trailers should be done for all shows/movies!

While it’s no surprise that the Defenders are coming to the screens, this is still a pretty hair-raising, spine-tingling trailer almost reminiscent of the moment Nick Fury emerged from the shadows in Iron Man.


Dear Suicide Squad,

Please take note of how AWESOME music can be used AWESOMELY to accompany an AWESOME trailer without looking like a cheap attempt at making a music video.

People Who Watch More Than MTV

P.S.: We don’t blame the marketing team. After all, you guys work for a company that hired David Goyer… more than once. Our condolences.