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Ever wondered what it’s like to dine in a New York deli? Well now you can… and the experience is definitely one to remember! Located at the Mandarin Gallery at Orchard, Sacha & Sons is a ‘New York’ themed deli serving incredibly delicious meats and well… deli items!

The first impression I had as I walked in was that I wasn’t in Singapore anymore. The ambiance and design of the restaurant just takes you away and gives you the feel that you really are in New York. The restaurant in my opinion, was beautifully designed, displaying its various meats and menu items right as you walk in.

The service staff were prompt to bring us to our seats, take our orders and serve. What was more impressive was the prompt refilling of our glasses at all times which was definitely something you don’t find in most restaurants nowadays.

The menu is simple and easy to understand with not too much jargon. Serving choices from sandwiches to plain sides and salads to even platters, Sacha and Sons brings a generous variety of dishes for customers to choose from. They even serve a variety alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well. It is also good to know that all the meat served is freshly sliced at their carving station where they display the meats–this assures customers that all their products are fresh and that they are definitely proud of their dishes.


My group and I ordered the meat platter with smoked salmon and the egg & onion side. The meat platter comes with a side of house pickles (that means the pickles are literally made at the restaurant), bagels (also made in-house), coleslaw, onion and tomato with three different meats. We had roast beef, pastrami and corned beef. The trick is to try everything on the platter and the sides with the bagels. The bagels are just so crunchy and fresh it makes everything just taste that more delicious.

Believe me the meat they serve is so ridiculously decadent I am literally salivating as I write this review. The smoked salmon and egg and onion were great, the smoked salmon not too salty and perfectly cooked. The pickles were different–I’m not a fan of pickles, but I actually liked them.


Overall, I know Sacha & Sons is somewhere I would definitely return to if I were to ever crave deli meats and bagels (yes I am in love with their bagels). However, the only drawback is that the prices they charge can be quite steep for the portions served–but this where you look at the quality of the food and the service and everything just seems like value for money.

So if you are in he mood for authentic New York deli dishes and don’t mind spending a bit more, I definitely recommend Sacha & Sons–they completely left me wanting for more.

Sacha & Sons
333a Orchard Road, #03-02, Mandarin Gallery, Singapore (238867)

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