Ruark Audio Launches R5 Signature All-in-One Home Music System

British Hi-Fi brand Ruark Audio has launched its latest all-in-one home music system, the R5 Signature, as a limited production successor to the highly commended Ruark R5 is designed in a Piano Lacquer finish with machined alloy Rose Gold detailing.

Ruark’s latest all-in-one music system builds on its predecessor’s impressive sound by introducing the all-new STEREO+ feature, adding greater depth, clarity and realism to its soundstage.

Like its predecessor, the R5 Signature can produce a stereo soundstage on par with larger sound systems paired with separate speakers. Measuring at just H142 x W520 x D300mm, Ruark’s latest music system boasts a compact footprint without sacrificing the expansive sound associated with high-end sound systems.


“The R5 Signature embodies the commitment that Ruark Audio takes towards precision in sound, and represents the ongoing evolution of our audio engineering capabilities,” said Alan O’Rourke, Founder and Managing Director of Ruark Audio

“While it may seem subtle, the improvements and lessons learnt made with the R5 Signature will play a huge part in the development of our future audio systems.”

Lined with machined alloy Rose Gold detailing, Ruark’s latest audio system comes in a Piano Lacquer finish that exhibits the brand’s audio craftsmanship and functional aesthetic expertise.

The exclusive all-in-one home music system is subjected to hand sanding between multiple layers of coating, resulting in increased rigidity to the enclosure for added sound clarity. Its final coat is then given a wet sanding with very fine grit abrasive and rigorous hand-buffing to achieve its glass-like finish.

Like the R5, the R5 Signature also comes with its trademark RotoDial control system, which allows users to control the speaker easily in a fashionable manner and a matching stylish compact remote that comes in black and Rose Gold trimmings.


The R5 Signature is engineered to improve upon the R5’s impressive soundstage in compact dimensions. Its latest feature, dubbed as the STEREO+, is achieved through refined tuning of Ruark’s proprietary algorithm and digital filtering, the R5 Signature features a cleaner soundstage with greater depth and realism.

Internally, the R5 Signature uses the same high-fidelity Class A-B amplifier system and Ruark’s own neodymium NS+ drivers, but with the revised routing of key signal paths and the use of high purity oxygen-free speaker cables for extra sound clarity.

Priced at S$2,799, the R5 Signature is currently available at selected Challenger outlets in Singapore (ION and Bugis Junction), as well as on online e-commerce stores, Lazada and Shopee.