RPG + TCG hybrid, Elune Saga, launched

GAMEVIL has soft launched Elune Saga, a hybrid RPG with elements of a strategic trading card game in twelve countries, including Singapore and the Philippines. The game’s key features include:

  • RPG + TCG: Combining RPG battles with TCG strategy, Elune Saga has players tactically defeat their enemies by using heroes and collectible cards.
  • Hundreds of Cards: Players can collect, enhance, and equip over 200 Soul Cards to give their heroes unique attacks in battle.
  • Element System: Based on the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, players must use different combinations of their Soul Cards to inflict the highest amount of damage.
  • Various Gameplay Modes: Players can enjoy the world of Elune Saga through the story-based Adventure, competitive PvP Arena, and endless Dungeon modes.

Elune Saga’s fusion of battles and card-collecting has players to use both skill and strategy to build the strongest team of heroes. Elune Saga is currently available in Singapore, the Philippines, Australia, Canada, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, and Turkey.



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