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On a lazy weekend I decided to take a break and treat myself to a short vacation at the Royal Plaza on Scotts (RPS). Situated just along Scotts Road, RPS conveniently sits just outside the ERP zone and near the main Shopping District of Orchard Road.

At 2pm, the queue at check-in was expected. Guests were ushered to line up in a single file in front of the fully manned counter. I did find it a little odd that the staff had this need to make sure that the line was exceptionally straight. Guests were casually lining up, relaxed but we weren’t exactly scattered. It was quite obvious who was next, however the second time we were shepherded into line I started to dread if it would be one of ‘those’ experiences.

As the ambience and concept go, I had to keep in mind that the RPS is a business hotel that primarily caters for the professional on the go. So clean lines and officious looking decor were the order of the day.

There was on-going construction in the lobby so I’m not very sure how that’s going to turn out, but you have Carousel – the award winning buffet restaurant on the ground floor – and a curving staircase leading up to the Heat Ultralounge – the hotel’s answer to the need to relax with a couple of drinks after day-long meetings.

I was simply stunned as I walked into the Corporate Suite. The room was huge. To the left I had a full sized bedroom and bath, in front of me a well-sized sitting area to entertain guests and to my right a full-sized boardroom table that could easily seat 10 people. There was also a personal desk off to the side. It was more akin to an office with a bedroom attached than a hotel room.

The bedroom was clean and comfy and I was greeted by a couple of towel swans on the bed. A nice touch to a business styled room. The matress was nice and soft with plenty of pillows to spare.

For the duration of the stay, I had no issues with the service whatsoever. From check-in to check-out, the staff were attentive and always seemed to have a pleasant disposition right from housekeeping to staff at the lounge. I really couldn’t find much to fault the staff who were always very attentive. I was very pleased with their efficiency and they did the most basic things right, such as smile, eye contact and of course, asking if I needed help with my bags – something I’ve realised that not all staff in the industry do.

You have to keep in mind that the hotel is catered to the ‘Business Traveller’ – Don’t expect anything too flamboyant… other than the Wii of course

Even when I had called for coffee up to the room, it arrived within 5 mins. Instead of ringing the doorbell, housekeeping called the room phone to let me know that the staff were waiting outside my door to hand me the capsules. I thought it odd why they hadn’t just rang the bell. I then realised that I had the ‘Do Not Disturb’ switch flipped and that’s why the staff didn’t ring.

The lounge had a nice cozy sitting area with very attentive staff. Afternoon tea was decent with sandwiches and pastries and evening cocktails were not too bad as well.

However, breakfast was a little lacking. The Nasi Lemak wasn’t the best in my opinion and the set-up just lacked that little bit of oomph. There wasn’t an egg station, but you could place an order for them and request for them to be prepared to your liking.

No one can fault RPS’s location. Very conveniently located along the main (Scotts) road and just outside the ERP area, there is no shortage of dining and shopping options in the surrounding area with ION, Tangs, Isetan, Wheelock Place and Far East Plaza just a few of the places that are just beside or a street across from the hotel.

Efficient without the need for much bells and whistles. If you’re travelling for business, this hotel will serve you very well.

If you like to party, the nightclub Brix is situated just across the street if you feel like dancing – in the basement of the Hyatt – and the hotel has its own Heat Ultralounge for you chill the night away.

Public transport is also very convenient with taxi stands, bus stops and the MRT easily accessible and within a 5 min walk away.

As extra facilities go, there really were’nt much frills. But again, keeping in mind that this is a business hotel, the facilities were actually pretty good.

The pool was small but good for a dip in the hot afternoon. Especially after a session in the sauna. The gym had your common setup but nothing elaborate.

In the room, the real standouts were the executive boardroom table – which kinda allows you to bring not just your work, but the office ‘home’ – and  the Nintendo Wii for you to unwind. Although only a limited number of titles are available.

Internet was available at both a wired LAN point and WiFi. The connection pretty quick and stable too.

All in all, for a business hotel, the facilities don’t scream out for attention, but are very functional – as they should be.

Royal Plaza on Scotts

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