Review: Rock Jaws’ Alfa Genus Rocks On!

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Interchangeable tuners
Bang for buck
Control panel has no volume control
Control panel doesn't work with iPhone

Rock on or chill out with the Alfa Genus earphones developed by Rock Jaw. Granted they might be a name that might not be familiar to most, but they’ve developed amazing earphones equipped these with 3 different tuning filters to enhance sound to give you the best experience possible, no matter what genre of music you listen to!

In the box, you get 4 different sized silicon ear tips to attach to the earphones for your comfort, a pouch to store the earpiece in, a clip if you need to attach the wire to your shirt, the tuning filters, and, of course, the earpiece itself! While the different sized ear tips are the norm these days, the pouch, clip and tuning features are definitely a big plus point for buyers as it really is value for money.

The tuning filters are especially cool with each colour representing a type of musical component it enhances: silver for enhanced bass (the most popular choice cause everyone’s been all about that bass, lately); black for enhanced highs; gold for neutral. This literally means you can get three different sound types with just one earpiece and it is really easy to change at any time! So setting itself apart from most earphones, the Alfa Genus allows users to enhance and enjoy their favourite genres of music with the switch of a filter.

Performance wise, it’s definitely enhanced and made more enjoyable due to the filters used (those things really stole the show for me). The only issue I have with the earphones are that they doesn’t do very well with noise cancellation and ambient noise is a persistent issue in noisy places.

Overall, these earphones are definitely one to buy and it helps that the value for money is crazy. And even though it doesn’t cancel sound very well, the fabulous filters and sound quality produced these babies outshine and flaws.

So go rock your jaws of with Rock Jaw’s Alfa Genus!

Updated on 8 July 2015: The Alpha Genus retails at SGD$99.