Review: The Rock Jaw Arcana V2 – Lean, Mean Sound Machine

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On the Note
Great sound balance detail
Hits above it's price belt
Off the Note
Relatively weak bass
No volume controls

The Rock Jaw Arcana V2 is a pair of beautiful looking in-ear headphones with a really well balanced sound quality. Its precision-machined shell is made out of wood and aluminium, and they contrast each other well giving them a premium look and feel. Right out of the box, you get 4 silicon ear tips- x1 small, x2 medium and x1 big. You also get a soft pouch to store your headphones.

The Arcana V2 has tangle resistant cables that usually live up to its promise, but there were occasions where it did get tangled and some might find the look of the cable tacky. However, that’s a small issue. The cables also feel more firm, unlike the usual flimsy fare. Along with the cables is a microphone on the control panel. While you can play/pause or answer calls, there is no volume control function.

With their background in the music industry, you would expect great sound as well. And they do. Given its price (S$69) it is certainly a step or two above other headphones in its price range. The level of detail is quite high—you are able to pick up new subtle sounds from songs you’ve heard far too many times.

These also have more sound emphasis on the mid to high range, although bass heavy tracks didn’t sound all to well. Its bass doesn’t get you pumped up as its pretty flat. However, you can bump up the bass and play around with the EQ, but it can be too much of a hassle.

In the included instructions, Rock Jaw states that “All in-ear headphones will require upwards of 20 hours usage time before they are at their best sound.” True to that, as my usage with it continued, it did begin to sound better. Depending on the fit of the silicon ear tip, its ability to block out sound varies. However, it does do a fine job in blocking noise from my surroundings.

In conclusion, the Arcana V2 looks good, feels good and, above all else, sounds good.

So long Apple Earpods! It was nice knowing you…