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Ridiculous Film Crossovers Hollywood Needs!

Why have two good franchises when you can have one great shared universe!

It’s no surprise that movie franchise crossovers have been doing well in comics (Ghostbusters with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters with Transformers, Ghostbusters with… Ghostbusters). And with the recent success of Godzilla vs. Kong, clearly there is some potential for bigger onscreen franchise crossovers, too.

IDW's Ghostbuster's Multiverse

And we don’t just mean your run-of-the-mill Marvel Cinematic Universe stuff, either–we’re talking cross-franchising!

After all, Alien vs. Predator was probably the best Alien movie since Alien 3 (and might still be the best Alien movie since… also the most brainless, but why not?). So here’re a couple more crossovers that would be fun to watch on the big screen!

Fast & Furious x Transformers

A Family portrait.

Y’know what big trucks could really use? Diesel… Vin Diesel.

Given that Michael Bay’s Transformers featured souped-up cars and other vehicles in the vein of (and sometimes more realistic than) the F&F franchise’s, it would be a near perfect fit to combine the two. And now, especially since we saw the crew ascend to outer space in F9, Bay could even get the US Space Force on board for his trademarked military budget.

And if we’re crossing over franchises, why not a flashback to the ‘40s where Starscream bombs Pearl Harbour, or Megatron being reverse engineered to create the first atomic bomb? Essentially, Bay could truly bring these groups into one big… Family.

After all, isn’t that what Transformers is all about? (Well, it actually isn’t… yet.)

Men in Black x Aliens and Predators

Jay and Kay take on a Xenomorph by Carlos Valenzuela

We know that the Men in Black have been around since the mid 1950s, and that the xenomorphs and Predators have been locked in battle since ancient times, so a prequel movie featuring the three gruops could be interesting.

Perhaps a battle between the warring aliens in the ’50s could set the stage for the creation of the MIB. And in classic Predator 2 style, an agreement between the humans and Predators could result in a group of benevolent Predators equipping mankind with the necessary technology to keep aliens at bay.

Ninja Turtles x Mortal Kombat

With the Ninja Turtles’ last movie in 2016 and their animated series ending in 2020, it’s about time they got looked at for a live action revival–similar to the one Mortal Kombat recently experienced. And lest people forget, the lovable and cheerful TMNT are exceptionally violent in the comics and would pair perfectly with the likes of the MK characters. Imagine watching Shredder trying to take over Outworld and having the hordes at his disposal, that would indeed be pretty sick.

Also, with the Turtles having had their own run in Injustice 2, it doesn’t seem all out there that the characters might jump into the Nether Realms.

Godzilla and Kong x Pacific Rim

Godzilla and Kong showing them Pacific Rim kaiju how it’s really done by rsuam1

This one isn’t even altogether out there. Pacific Rim 2 director, Steven S. DeKnight has even spoken of his inclusion of Godzilla in potential drafts for the third film in the series. While nothing official exists, the visuals alone speak of the potential:

A Jaeger-armoured Kong teaming up with human pilots to keep the peace on the land whilst Godzilla handles the portals underwater is reason enough for this crossover. Like all good mash-ups, the movie could start with the heroes of Pacific Rim thinking Godzilla and Kong are threats, but in time learn to work with each other to take on the other Kaijus and MUTOs (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms).

Hell, maybe even re-purpose Mechagodzilla for good or worse (Jaegerzilla, anybody?), and just go crazy with it! And for the love of god, get Del Toro to direct this monster mecha massacre.

Ghostbusters (2016) x The Conjuring Universe

When there’s a creepy portrait of a creepy woman, don’t go nearer to it!

With the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife, it’s clear that the 2016 Ghostbusters ain’t gonna go much further. While not as well received as the original, the 2016 reboot did, however, have a heightened creep factor which could be further amped up for crossovers with the Conjuring universe.

There are plenty of demons and other worldly entities for them to choose from to go up against, and this time, the plot twist could be the ghostbusters suspecting an elderly Ed and Lorraine for being frauds!

Superman x Batman

Ah, the World’s Finest…

Well said, Batsy, well said.