Review: WWE 2K16 – Does Well, But Can Do Better

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Amazing customizability
Use your own face via app
Huge roster
Rope Break!
Graphics need an upgrade
Clunky controls

I recently had the pleasure to try my hand at 2K’s new installment into the WWE franchise, WWE2K16. Let the body slams begin.

When you begin, there’s a lot to this game. The gaming experience is ridiculously customizable. You can customize everything from the ring, the venue, and your characters, to the actual championship your fighting for. Now the ability to customize a Pay-Per-View is not exactly revolutionary, as its been around in previous incarnations, but customization is taken to the next level. You can hand pick everything from stage lights and ring types, all the way down to logos on the mat and the type of backgrounds and environs such as railings, light fixtures, colors and even the entrance ramp. You can really make it your PPV.

I have two favorite parts to this game. The first, I can now use my own face when I create a character. You do this by uploading a picture to the 2k16 server via the Creation Studio app available both the android and apple app stores for free. I have to admit I felt like a WWE superstar watching myself frog splash my opponents from the top rope. The app also works for any logo players would like to add for use on created Superstars, Divas, Arenas, Shows, and Championships.

My second favorite part of this whole game is the story mode, or also known as the 2K Showcase mode. You get to relive the exciting career of my all time favorite wrestler, no not Hulk Hogan, that guys a chump in comparison, but the one and only…….Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Relive all the iconic moments such as his rivalry with Bret Hart, Vince McMahon and D Generation X, and you get to watch him smack his beer cans together and double fist them as he guzzles them down in front of a sold out arena. This really brought me back the days when wrestling was truly special and in its prime, The Attitude Era!!!

Now for all the amazing things and new additions to this game there’s is one thing that let me down, the graphics. The cutscenes were amazing and made it seem like I was watching the matches on Monday Night Raw for the first time, but the gameplay graphics need more work to be really called ‘next-gen’. For all the power the PS4 has I felt the characters could of looked a lot better.

Character control is not the easiest thing to master as well. Chain wrestling, submissions and kicking out of a pin are a little difficult at first, but with a little practice though, these controls actually make the game better, especially the new way to kick out of a pin – but it can be a real pain at first.

WWE is all about entertainment. But sometimes you just wanna get the show on the road and take a cheap strategic shot at your opponent before he gets into the ring… right in the middle of his strut. WWE 2K16 allow you to do just that and take the fight out of the ring before they even have time to ring the bell.

Although the character graphics were a disappointing, the roster makes up for it somewhat. With literally the biggest roster and most elaborate collection of wrestlers both past and present, there’s something for everyone from every era. My personal favorite is the addition of “secret” character. The one and only, Arnold Schwarzenegger as the terminator!!!!!

WWE 2K16 is a must have for any wrestling fan, young or old. It literally made me watch old VHS tapes (for you kids out there, who don’t know what that is… its a square box thing that used to go into something similar to Blu-Ray player to play movies)  to watch my favorite matches. You need to buy this game, why?… “Because STONE COLD SAID So!!!” (Que the intro music)… now go raise some hell!