[Review] Unchartered: The Lost Legacy

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The Good
Amazing graphics
Solid plot
Great gameplay
The Bad
Doesn't add much new to the Unchartered experience

Having been on a gaming lull recently due to the lack of new titles that pique interest, I was ecstatic to try the newest installment in the Uncharted series – Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Being a huge fan of the franchise I went into this with high hopes and high aspirations, and I was delightfully rewarded.

The Lost Legacy puts new protagonist, Chloe Frazer, in the spotlight together with mercenary Nadine Ross, as they explore India’s Western Ghats to locate the Golden Tusk of Ganesh, and keep it out of the hands of the bad guys.

Not exactly new to the series, fans will remember Chloe from Uncharted 2 and 4 where she’s in an ‘interesting’ relationship with franchise lead, Nathan Drake. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy plays just like Uncharted 4 – all the basic controls are exactly the same. There’s an auto aim, camera assist and driving camera assist that can be turned on in order to make the game much easier. The control scheme is as smooth as ever. If you ever played any of the previous Uncharted titles then you’ll feel right at home as soon as you pick up the controller.

What I like the most about the control scheme is how smooth the transitions are when going from parkour-style jumps, climbs and slides to shooting and ducking for cover. A lot of games make the transition very difficult and choppy but in this game it’s smooth as butter. Also, the different difficulty levels make the barrier to entry really low as it can suit every playing style and player experience level. All the same weapons from the previous titles are here, and the stealth melee is still not only a vital part of the game but also really fun to master.

While the story has a lots of surprises, twists, turns and tons of action , the Lost Legacy is one of the most beautiful games that I’ve played. The amount of detail is amazing – from the environment to Chloe’s map, you can tell that Naughty Dog spent quite a few hours getting the imagery right. Also, the new visual of seeing the main character Chloe Frazer, snap a guys neck from behind is brutally beautiful.

When playing the survival mode choosing the appropriate weapon for the different wave will be important as the grande launcher is better for groups of enemies and the the sniper rifle isn’t very helpful since the enemy is rushing you sporadically. The addition of the survival mode, which can be played on online multiplayer mode via the psn, or with friends, you’ll find yourself dieing over and over again but getting better after every defeat. It’s a very addicting game mode to try and it’s even more fun with a friend as it plays ala Army Of Two partner style. You’ll find yourselves screaming at each other to come heal you when your on the verge of death.

The only negative to the game is that there really isn’t anything innovative about this addition to the franchise. One of its greatest draws for fans of the franchise can also be a deterrent. Personally I like the build of the game. It allows me jump right in without needing to relearn anything. But, if you’re looking for a new play experience you’ll be left unsatisfied. To this I say “if it ain’t broke why fix it”.

Weather you’re a fan of the Uncharted series or not, this is a must buy. Amazing graphics, good story and tons of action with smooth a control setup that doesn’t need to be relearned by returning players. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy gets the Juan Pablo stamp of approval.

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