Review: Titanfall 2 Makes Up For Its Predecessor’s Wrongs

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Powered Up
Great Single Player campaign
Customization options
Dedicated servers
Pilot Down
Campaign could be longer

Titanfall 2 is the game that we all were expecting back when its predecessor was released. The lack of a campaign and customization options simply did not justify its price tag in the past. However, Respawn Entertainment have heard and delivered. Harder hitting and thrilling, Titanfall 2 packs a much meaner punch.

With a touch of Infinity Ward familiarity, Respawn Entertainment has delivered a campaign that is well paced, with lore that was waiting to be told and explored on richly detailed maps to accommodate pilot or Titan gameplay.

The International Mining Corporation have brought their reign of destruction and exploitation to the frontier Planet of Typhon. You play as Jack Cooper, an aspiring pilot from the Frontier Resistance who has just received control of a Vanguard-class Titan, BT 7274 (BT for short), after some pretty heart breaking events.

Jack and BT form a close bond pretty quickly. Right away, it’s easy to see that BT isn’t a generic robot companion. He is capable of forming his own thoughts. His logical thinking opens up a whole host of gags and banter between the two companions. The ability to select dialogue certainly aids you in forming a bond with your trusty Titan. And trusty he is.

As you play through each area, moving from one fight to another, defeating Titans, BT learns new abilities and picks up weapons from the Boss fights. As soon as you are getting comfortable with your latest toy, a new one is present to you. This helps in keeping the game feeling fresh and has the added bonus of making BT even more interesting, as he is not bogged down to just one set of abilities or weapons. These combat configurations can equipped “on the fly” based on what or who you are up going up against.

However, it’s not just about shooting your way through as you play as much as the Pilot as with your Titan. Single player mode has interesting scenarios that require you to complete puzzles in order to progress – my favorite being the ‘time-warp’ part of the campaign.

The only let down of the campaign is that it ends too quickly for my liking leaving me begging for more. However despite the short campaign, it was a truly enjoyable one. What else would you expect from the guys who were responsible for Call Of Duty 4?

Multiplayer is much more refined in Titanfall 2. Improved movement system, better load out customization and new Titan classes with their own specific weapons and abilities offer more tactical gameplay options.

The movement is noticeable slower yet more refined in Titanfall 2. In the previous game it was too quick and led to twitch reactions winning most of the gunfights rather than relying on other skill sets. Now, you can read your read your opponent’s movement and guess their next move. In games modes like Bounty Hunter, that’s especially useful as you lose half the money you earn if you get killed as you are on your way to just cash it in. Being able to judge your opponents movement will give you the upper hand.

Titans are no longer unstoppable. Every hit has lasting damage as shields do not self-regenerate. Pilots now need to pick their fights well or really on your team to keep your Titans health up. How? Well, when jockeying an opponent’s Titian you can remove their power core, deal damage to them, bring the power core back to a friendly Titan to restore some health.

It is also easier for pilots to take down Titans. Since their weapons and abilities are class specific, pilots know what they will come up against when dealing with Titans. A well-coordinated attack can leave enemy pilots confused and opening up their Titans to lethal attacks.

On a smaller note the Smart pistol, is no longer a load out option rather it has been thankfully relegated to a battle pick up. Also, with a list of dedicated servers from all over the world to pick from, you can find matches that have the best ping for a greater gaming experience.

You can now add emblems, change the color of your Titan have a sizable variety of weapon attachments, Pilot boosts and Titan unlocks to choose from as you unlock them through leveling up or purchased with in-game currency. The one-time-use burn card system has now been replaced with the much better pilot boosts – which works similarly like the perk system in Call of duty. You can choose to equip or unequip them based on your load out and needs.

While the graphics look good, they’re not as good as Battlefield 1. But, Titanfall 2’s flora and fauna, and particle effects look slightly better than Infinite Warfare, in my opinion. While it runs at 60 fps on consoles and PC, the X Box One suffers from common frame rate drops while the pc users have experienced screen tears, an issue far too common for PC gamers recently.

Titanfall 2 has definitely amped up its gameplay, content and support for this new installment. Overall it does feel worthwhile to spend your hard earned cash on this game. The release could have been better timed, coming out one week after Battlefield 1 and a week before Infinite Warfare. I would expect its player base to grow so I wouldn’t rule it out based on its recent sales. Gamers are just afraid to feel fooled again and they will be doing themselves a favor if they gave Titanfall 2 a go.