Review: The Coma: Cutting Class Will Keep You Up!

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Up and At Em
Multiple endings
Lots of save points
Hot teachers

Are you a fan of Korean horror movies? Love hot school teachers with BIG BOOBS? Well then your in for a treat, The Coma: Cutting Class has it all.

The Coma: Cutting Class is a new entry to the 2D horror genre. You play as schoolboy Youngho. You’re running late on exam day and when you arrive it seems like all hell has broken loose. Someone has committed suicide due to the stress of school and possible bullying. After a bit of dialogue, you fall asleep at your desk. When you wake up, something has happened. The air is dark and the mood is heavy. You quickly realize you’re trapped in this hellish high school of the dead (dead bodies literally drop from the ceiling in the bathroom). Your goal is to somehow survive… and escape.

Now for a 2d scroller there’s not much to the controls which does make it simple and easy to use. I always have trouble with keys on a keyboard. Press ‘m’ for map, ‘b’ for bag, ‘f’ for flashlight, ‘tab’ to change pages while in the inventory, ‘space bar’ to interact and use the arrow keys to move around. Absolutely solid.

The Coma: Cutting Class has multiple endings. While there is one true “Good Ending”, there are 5 endings in total. For the true gamer this will make you want to replay the game so you can see what all the possibilities are. Most side scrollers are a one time play but this make the replay ability of this one go way up.

The one thing I found a bit disappointing about this game was it was too short. I was left wanting more. With only a few hours of dedicated game play, the ride is over before we even get a chance to get on. They didn’t really take any huge chances with the storyline but for a first release from the new studio Devespreso, it’s a hit. I’m hoping for more details to the storyline and it’s other characters in possible updates.

A thing that has to be mentioned is the sound and artwork. It’s seriously top notch. They made a good use of the eerie music that plays in the background. It really sets the stage for the atmosphere. When you hear the music change as the crazy hot killer big boobed school teacher comes to kill you, your heart starts to race and your blood starts to pump… for all the right (and wrong) reasons. The artwork is beautiful and you can definitely tell that alot of hard work went into it. It was almost like watching an anime.

At a very reasonable price (SGD 10.50), this is a great game to add to your steam library. Not only does it have great art, but what every man likes, big boobs. Looking forward to the expansions.