Review: Sims 4 City Living Brings You The Apartment Life

City Slicker
Recreates city life accuarately
New professions
Interesting festivals
Country Bumpkin
Minor bugs to iron out

It’s time to get your Sims out of the suburbs and into the city with the latest expansion pack for Sims 4 – City Living.

Sims 4: City Living takes your sims out of that big house of yours and throws lands you into a much smaller apartment in one of the districts of San Myshuno to truly experience the city life.

I’ve been playing Sims for quite a while now, and it’s my go to game when I need to escape from reality. Unfortunately, my Sims end up doing everything that I’d normally do, so I don’t really think it’s much of an escape. In fact, if I were more like my Sim, I’d probably be more effective… she doesn’t spend time playing games.

City Living might just be my favorite expansion yet. While I really enjoyed ‘Get to Work‘, City Living finally makes Sims feel like home. I’ve never had the luxury of living in a huge house and maneuvering furniture around the apartment is what I know. Unlike living in the suburbs, where you can simply build another level when you run out of space, living in San Myshuno means you gotta get creative with the space you have. Which means that my Sim, who’s a professional pianist, can forget about that grand piano and settle for a portable keyboard instead.

The space you rent is the space you have
The space you rent is the space you have

Space isn’t the only issue though, your apartments come with the problems most of us city-dwellers face. From faulty electrical boxes and leaking pipes to cockroach and rat infestations, you’ve got to get it fixed. You can always choose to try and do it yourself or call your landlord, who’ll help you out if you’ve been paying your rent. I prefer to get my Sim down and dirty and level up her ‘Handiness’ skill. But when it starts interfering with me getting ready to get to work on time, it’s time to put in a call.

Another aspect of apartment living are the neighbours! My first apartment had my Sim waking up at 2am due to noisy neighbours. After I moved, my new neighbour kept coming over to use my shower! We may be friends, but that’s MY shower. I only got some peace after she was visited by a certain Mr. Reaper. I wonder why no one else has moved in yet…

Living in the city also means that there’s usually a party or festival going on somewhere. Sims 4 City Living has that covered as well with romance festivals where Sims get flirty to art fairs and Geek-a-thons! Festivals are a great place for sims to make friends, socialize and learn recipes from food vendors.

In addition, if you’re ready to try your hand at new career choices, City Living introduces three new careers where you can make dramatic speeches as a Politician, exemplify culture as a Food or Art Critic, or Inspire the masses and earn followers while pursuing a career in Social Media.

With all the new additions, there are a couple of bugs though. In one instance my electrical box started to kick up a fuss and I lost all electrical power. The landlord came to repair and left. But while it was “fixed” there still wasn’t any electricity and all my other lights and electrical appliances wouldn’t work. While inconvenient, there’s a quick fix – just travel to another zone and return and you’ll be able to turn on your lights again. Also, due to the small area you have to work with, placement of object is critical as event though you may be able to place the item in your apartment, due to the limited space, you cant use it.

The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack is now available for the PC and Mac and it certainly does add a new dimension for all Sims fans – especially if you’re an apartment dweller yourself.