Review: SD Gundam G-Generation Genesis

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The Good
Lots of content
Simple gameplay
The Bad
Graphics could be better
Not enough focus on the story

SD Gundam G-Generation Genesis is the latest turn-based strategy game for the PS4 and PSVita set in the Universal Century (U.C) timeline of the hugely successful Gundam franchise.

Seeing as the U.C timeline is the most fleshed out of the Gundam timelines, there are a lot of scenarios to play through. As of writing, there are 17 stages to play through, and over 650 mobile suits that can eventually be unlocked through leveling. One thing is for sure though, get ready to play for hours.

Gameplay is relatively simple. Protect the lead Gundam and/or Warship by wiping out the enemies from the map. To achieve this you are given a Warship along with a few mobile suits (MS) as support. The said warship and MS will level up as they kill enemies thus unlocking better units for upgrade and purchase.

You are also given bonus objectives like ‘destroy X number of units’ or ‘eliminate x number of units’ before the main warship drops to 50% health. These bonus objectives earn you extra Capital (i.e cash) that you will use to buy more warships, MS and pilots to use in the most optimal situation. You will most likely be replaying older missions to farm for capital and leveling up your pilots, ships and MSs to unlock even better units and upgrades. Rinse and repeat.

The graphics are very simple and cartoony. But then again, what else can you expect when all the moving pieces are super deformed. The game does make use of CG animated battle cutscenes (still super deformed) but those can be skipped as it can get repetitive.

All that said, if you’re looking for story you’ll be sorely disappointed. Basically you’ll be playing through truncated versions of the Gundam U.C story-lines with the objective of getting better Mobile suits, warships and pilots to help you progress the next stage. If you want to get to know the Universal Century story-lines you’re better of reading the Gundam wiki or better yet watching the Anime.

All in all if you’re looking to spend hours upon hours playing missions to farm for the best pilots and Mobile suits while enjoying the bare minimum of the rich history of the U.C then this is the game for you. Otherwise I’d suggest watching the anime.

SD Gundam G-Generation Genesis retails SGD89.90, MYR249, THB2,090, IDR780,000 for the PS4 and SGD79.90, MYR219, THB 1,890, IDR680,000 for the PS Vita.