[Review] Plantronics RIG800HS – Made For The Marathon Gamer

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The Good
24 Hour Battery Life!
Great Comfort
Superior audio quality
The Bad
Platform specific

I’ve run through many headphones in my time, however none can quite compare to the RIG800HS wireless headphones made for the PlayStation 4.

Firstly, what i think any gamer should look for in a headset should be sound clarity as well as comfort – especially if you’re gonna marathon throughout the day.. or night. The RIG800HS covers both bases extremely well.

The RIG800HS are quite bulky, but surprisingly light weighing just under 300 grams. It isn’t too heavy and the other components of the headset do help balance out the weight evenly so that you don’t feel any strain using it for long hours.

Comfort wise, they’re great! Very comfortable on the ears, with multiple settings. You can even adjust what height the ear cups are at to fit to your head structure (not many headphones have this feature). On top of that (literally) there’s an elastic band to hold the headphones comfortably to your head. But if you aren’t a fan of an elastic band, can always take it right off.

Now let’s talk about features, and boy does this headset have quite a few. First off the RIG800HS boasts a crazy 24 hour battery life, tried and tested. On a full charge it can go about 20-24 hours depending on what you’re doing with them. The headset also features a plug and play concept where you just have to plug in the dongle that comes with the headphones and you’re good to go!

The headphones have an inbuilt voice that tells you if the headphones are connected or if the battery is high or low, which is a much better indicator than beeping sounds. On top of that it also does turn off automatically if nothing is being played on it after awhile. Which is great cause I’m one of those people who constantly forgets to turn off his headphones after I’m done.

The headphones also feature an array of knobs and buttons to greater enhance your audio experience. You have a button that can cycle through 4 different EQ modes, a knob that can increase part/game volume depending on which one you rather hear louder, and a basic in-built volume control. Flipping the mic up and down will also easily mute, or un-mute, you if needed.

The last feature I would like to talk about is the 10m range the headphones have. 10m is insane for a wireless headset. So if you ever need to grab a bite, take a bio break, you can leave your headset on and do what you need to do while still being able to converse with your party or hear what’s going on in game!… Yeah, my party mates really do appreciate that… I think.

Now that we’re done with the features let’s get into the important stuff. For me, comfort is almost everything. A pair of headphones could have the greatest audio output but if they are uncomfortable to wear, it completely defeats the purpose. Because as a gamer, I’m not gonna sit down for 30 min to an hour, I’m gonna go at least 2-3 hours minimum and I won’t be able to enjoy myself as I’d be feeling very uncomfortable the whole time.

If i have comfortable headphones with average sound quality I’d still enjoy myself and get long hours of play in. That being said, the RIG800HS just knocks both criteria out of the park. The sound quality of the headset is just amazing. It really does immerse you into the game, and at the same time there’s no strain on your head, ears or neck as they are so extremely comfortable!… And the mic clarity is great too. I haven’t had any problems with communication whatsoever.

Overall, I think the only issue I have with these headphones is that they’re platform specific. Its only compatible with the PS4 or PC – you have to get the RIG800HX to play on XBOX which is quite a bummer since you’re paying quite a bit to acquire these headphones.

But other than that if you just play games on a specific console go right ahead, they’re a very worthy investment for all gamers out there.