Logitech G903 Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Hefty price tag

Logitech have recently released their new range of gaming mice, the G903 and G703, which make use of their LIGHTSPEED technology and POWERPLAY charging system.

The G903 enters the densely populated gaming mice field as an entry for the elite gamer. Available at a premium of $249 SGD is it worth the price tag.

When it comes to competitive gaming, every possible advantage needs to be considered. Skill alone is not quite enough. In intensive high-pressure environments, mental resilience and endurance has proved to be the difference maker on countless occasions. However, gearing up is just as important – which is where the Logitech G903 wireless gaming mouse comes in.

Wired vs Wireless

In age-old battle between wired and wireless, in most part of the consumer-centric world, wireless wins easily. In the professional gaming circuit though, the fear of latency is one of the greatest barriers of entry for wireless mics and keyboards.

However, it seems that Logitech has managed to bridge that particular gap with its 2.4GHz LIGHTSPEED technology. Using the G903 while playing Overwatch, Star Wars Battlefront II and World of Warcraft, there was no noticeable difference in latency between the wireless mouse and my usual wired gaming mouse.

In fact, the G903 also leverages on the PMW3366 gaming mouse sensor that provides exceptional tracking responsiveness across its entire DPI range (200-12,000).

The right fit

Designed for everyone, the G903 features an ambidextrous design, which works well for both lefties and righties. Being right handed, it isn’t the perfect fit for my hands, but still comfortable enough for it not to feel clunky… especially since it weighs in at only 110g which helps with extended play and maximizes comfort over extended gaming sessions.

If the mouse feels too light for you, it comes with an additional 10g that you can choose to add on through the base.

Somewhat a creature of habit, I take a bit of time to get used to the layout of a new mouse. The G903’s 11 buttons are spaced well enough to allow for easy programming and second-nature activation. My ‘learning curve’ was really quite short.

POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System Compatibility

The bane of most wireless products – battery life. The Logitech G903 is compatible with the POWERPLAY Wireless Charging System, the “world’s first truly wireless gaming solution that delivers infinite power and unlimited play”.

While it is not truly wireless, as you still have to plug in the POWERPLAY mat, the G903 will not die on you when you least expect it. Through the application of electromagnetic resonance, the POWERPLAY base creates an energy field above its surface that constantly charges any compatible product – even when the mouse is in motion and in use.

However, I would make sure that handphones, or other non-compatible gadgets, are not placed on the mat while it is in ‘charge’ mode… just in case.

The Logitech G903 wireless gaming mouse is a definite contender to be a part of a professional gamer’s arsenal. At $249 SGD it might be priced out of most budgets, but if you are looking for a wireless mouse that can perform at a competitive level, the G903 might just be the mouse for you.

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