KEF Gravity One – A Classy Bluetooth Speaker with Deep Personality

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The Good
Great design and build
Amazing sound
Tight bass
Ability to answer calls
The Bad

Many recognize KEF as one of the most respected UK Hi-Fi audio brands, known for their audiophile-centric loudspeakers. However, in recent years, KEF has expanded their range to portable and personal lifestyle audio, that retains the signature KEF quality – the Gravity One Bluetooth speaker is one such product.

Stylish and sleek, the KEF Gravity One by Porche Design will add class to any office desk, study or even living room. The matte black aluminium case looks extremely good and is built well to boot.

Its sturdy frame gives you that feel of solidity and stability, unlike cheaper plastic builds.

Aside from looks though, the KEF Gravity One oozes personality. I wasn’t quite expecting the quality of sound that the Bluetooth speaker could produce.

Clear and crisp, it provided the perfect tone for acoustic sets, while it surprised even more with the wide soundstage and tight bass reproduction on blues and tunes.

The Gravity One’s signature miniature Uni-Q driver truly did allow it to project sound around the room, creating a warm and complete listening experience.

The KEF Gravity One also allows you to pick up calls when your phone is connected. While above average and very serviceable, it isn’t a market leader in call clarity on both ends.

The Gravity One does have a decent 10hr playback battery life, a 3.5mm input port and can act as a backup charger for smart devices as well. However, at SGD 599, it definitely isn’t the cheapest speaker on the block.

The KEF Gravity one sounds as good as it looks. And it looks really good.