Review: Journey (PS4) – It’s Not About the End, But How You Get There

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Due North
Great Graphics
Unique Concept
Gone South
Only lasts a few hours of gameplay

Journey (for the PS4) is exactly that, a journey. It’s not about the destination, but how you get there. With stunning graphics and a game experience that is never the same twice, you’ll never want the journey to end.

ou start off in the middle of a dessert, alone and lost. All you can see is a mountain off in the distance. As you begin your journey towards this mountain, you come across delicately placed ruins and pieces of tapestry that are either floating in the air like magic carpets, or attached to some sort of machine that requires some form of interaction – these tapestries transform and become tools that are vital to your progression.

Your main ability is to fly or hover for a short while in the air through the use of a magic scarf. By finding special symbols, you extend the length of your scarf which enables you to fly higher and hover longer. This is a one time use and needs to be constantly refilled in order to use it again.

The most interesting aspect to the game comes through your interactions with other players. Journey has a unique platform in which other random players will show up in your world as you cross paths. You’re not able to speak with them and will never know who they are. All you can do is try to communicate with them through your movements in the game. You can chose to follow each other and continue the journey together, or ignore each other completely. As you progress, your unique interactions with others will shape how your journey unwinds and what it means to you.

Video game’s  are always about getting to the end and finishing. This is the first game where the journey becomes more important than the end. You’ll be stuck wishing the journey never comes to an end.