[Review] Injustice 2 – Great Game, Fantastic DC Movie

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The Good
Gear system is revolutionary
Multiverse mode
Fantastic story
The Bad
Too much DLCs at launch
Give me some fatalities!

It’s been a 4 year long wait for the sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us and finally, in 2017, our prayers have been answered with Injustice 2.

NetherRealm Studios have outdone themselves with an amazing sequel. With new additions to the roster and a customizable gear system, Injustice 2 has completely redefined the fighting game genre.

Let’s start off with the story mode. A 5 hour journey thay will totally ensnare you and leave you thoroughly entertained. As the majority of the story mode is made up of cut scenes, you’ll feel like you’re watching a beautifully rendered DC movie (and a pretty good one at that), rather than a playing a fighting game. The story mode is a sure hit for any DC or fighting game fan.

Gameplay is very similar to Injustice, with 2 characters beating the crap out of each other until someone knocks out. Don’t get me wrong, NetherRealm nails this aspect to a tee. I just wish that the fighting felt more fluid like Mortal Kombat. Also I would’ve loved to see some fatalities or heroic brutalities since it was already introduced with Mortal Kombat VS DC.

The most revolutionary aspect of Injustice 2 is the new ‘Gear System’ and individual character system. The Gear system is sort of like equipment for each character which not only improves an individual characters stats but also gives them new looks – very RPG-ish.

The other fun part is grinding for these Gears through daily missions and running through the story mode for Mother Boxes (chests that contain Gears) hoping for the best Gears to drop so you can conquer other modes in the game.

The individual level character system is also pretty interesting as you can play a specific character continuously to get him/her up to level 20 in order to beef up their individual stats. This gives a more personalised feel to your favourite characters. Add that to Gear customization, no 2 characters are exactly alike.

Another reason to keep playing Injustice 2, is the newly introduced multiverse mode where it has randomly timed events that could last days or even minutes. These events could consist of special requirements to fight a number of characters or a specific challenge to complete the stage, which will in turn reward you with Mother Boxes, Gear or currency.

A brilliant idea that keeps the game fresh and with high replay value.

Roster wise, it was good to see some of the old characters from the previous game as well as the new additions. However, it does feel a bit incomplete, as even before the game was released they already announced 9 DLC characters, as well as a pre order bonus character Darkseid.

It does feel like we are paying for an incomplete roster seeing as they already know they have 9 more characters waiting to be paid for in order to play them.

There are also in game purchases where you could use actual money to buy in game currency to buy more Mother Boxes and Gear. Which tends to skew multiplayer to who spends more rather than who plays more.

Online battles would be less appealing to hardcore fighting game fans as the Gear makes things quite unbalanced. But then again, Injustice is supposed to be game for everyone.

There are also guilds you can join for guild multiverse events to gain guild currency to buy guild Mother Boxes to gain even more Gear.

Overall, I feel Injustice 2 might be the most original fighting game up to date, and all the new mechanics and modes make it feel so satisfying to play. I would recommend this to any fighting game player as well as any DC Fan, as the story mode is just amazing.

So if you’re a casual, hardcore or just a gamer who loves a good story, you should totally pick this game up.