[Review] Gravity Rush 2 Flies High But Fudges Its Landing

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Flying High
Gravity based combat
Lovable characters
PS4 gives the title the power it needs
Falls Flat
Bland bosses
Could cause motion sickness
Playing the first installment needed

Picking up from where the original Gravity Rush first left off, our main protagonist Kat has been separated from her best friend, Raven (whom she befriended in the first game) as well as her magical cat Dusty, the source of her gravitational powers. Now a normal girl stranded away from home, she has to work on a floating mining colony while finding a way to get back to her friends and her home.

Gravity Rush 2 split up into 3 acts – the first one being more standalone, whereas the other 2 might leave you a little confused if you haven’t played the first game. So it kinda sucks if you haven’t played the first game and go into the second as more than a couple of references will leave you wondering hat you’ve missed (the answer: Gravity Rush). So it helps to read up a bit for some background, or better still play it, before hurtling headfirst into the second game.

Graphics wise, when compared to its original Vita counterpart, there’s a definite improvement with the power of the PS4 driving it. Characters are well shaded and backgrounds don’t feel as flat, making it very pleasing to the eye.

Story wise, as mentioned earlier, it’ll be a lot better if you’ve played the first game. Characters are fun and easy to understand, however I still don’t get the language they’re speaking. I mean if you want to include voice, at least give them an actual understandable language rather than gibberish. Its like they just wanted to give them voices – the Sims have already done that.. lets do without it.

Personally I detest am not a fan of their made up language. But it is of course a personal preference at the end of the day. And like any other JRPG, there’s the many repetitive side quests to stretch out the game as long they can to give players a sense of bang for their buck.

Where gameplay is concerned, the main attraction of the game is the ability to control the gravity around you. You have the ability to float around, aim and create a gravitational pull wherever you land – basically you can fall from great heights and not die… ok it’s more than that. But it does sounds creative and fun right? Well, it is… especially on a big screen… as long as you’re not prone to motion sickness. I for one think it’s just a tad too much motion and 360 degree movements for one game. But I have to say that it is still very creative and fresh at the core of it.

Combat is where the game shines though. You’re able to use your gravity powers for a variety of cool moves, like mid-air gravity boosted kicks or hurling objects at multiple enemies. Together with an upgradable skill tree, the game allows you to unlock plenty of creative combos during combat. That said however, the skill tree may be too simple and you are thus limited to a rather simple character skill progression.

At its core, Gravity Rush 2 brings a fresh feel to the PS4 with creative gameplay, gorgeous visuals and lovable characters. With all the high flying escapades and potential, Gravity Rush 2 reminds me of an Olympic gymnast that does ever so well on the run up, but can’t quit stick her landing.

Nevertheless, I feel it’s a game that I am reluctant to slap a love or hate verdict, as my greatest bugbear with Gravity Rush 2 was that I spent majority of the time struggling with the camera controls, such that it ended up taking the fun out of the experience. Hence, I’d only recommend the game if you’ve played the first one, enjoyed it and would love to dive back into it again.