Review: GAMECOM 818 – Perfect for Extended Gaming sessions

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Comfortable and lightweight
Value for money
As always, charging can be a hassle

After 4 Years, I might actually have a reason to change my current headset. The reason? The GAMECOM 818 wireless headset by Plantronics!

I was definitely skeptical at first as Plantronics is hardly the first name to pop into my mind when I think about gaming, but boy was I blown away when I tried it out. The GAMECOM 818 is almost all I could want in a headset and I was very impressed.

First off, GAMECOM 818 is wireless (connects via a usb receiver and not bluetooth), which of course is a plus point to any gamer as you aren’t tied down or restricted by a wire that has to be anchored to your computer or console all the time. It will take a while to get used to the habit of not taking off the headset in order to move away from the computer, but once you do, going to the lil’ gamer’s room is just so much quicker.


The headset also sports a sleek all black design with a few orange details. It also has a flexible microphone which is great as all head sizes are different (really) and a bendy mic does ensure that anyone can adjust it to their liking.

A button panel is conveniently located at the side that allows you to adjust volume or skip songs on the fly through the headset instead of going through the hassle of pressing more buttons on your computer (or PS4).

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Audio wise it gets the job done. For a headset in its price range (the GAMECOM 818 retails at US$79.99 as stated on the Plantronics website), it’s got good audio reproduction even though the bass isn’t as prominent as I like. However, this is a headset you can wear for hours. It’s comfortable and light and fits very well to ensures that users will not feel uncomfortable.

Although charging it can be a hassle over time (the time is takes to charge is 4 hours for 10 hours of play time) the GAMECOM 818 is definitely a worth it buy for gamers and non-gamers because of its design and convenience. I highly recommend it for its convenience and comfort.