Review: FIFA 16 – Scores a Hat-Trick

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No Touch Dribbling
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Commentary gets repetative... but that's to be expected

It’s no small feat to improve a game year-on-year. EA continues to surprise with FIFA 16.

I’ve been hooked on EA’s FIFA franchise since FIFA ’94 and every year there’s this urge… no a need, to get the latest version. Have they all been drastic improvements from their predecessors? No, not all. In fact there was a time that the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise seriously threatened EA’s crown, but FIFA 16 is undoubtedly the best football (or soccer) game out there.

Of course, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy and what better way to play the game than with my other football crazy friends:

Since the video, I’ve sat down and played quite a bit more. An dI believe that FIFA 16 has got itself a hat trick of positive changes.

Matthew Prior, creative director of FIFA 16 said, “we are innovating across the entire pitch. Balance in any game is huge. If either defending or attacking is overpowered, then the game becomes no fun.”

The first goal goes to the significant improvements to computer AI. Players move around with a lot more purpose – be it as part of a defensive unit or as part of an assault on goal. This makes for a much more realistic experience as you try to pick (or cut out) that defense splitting pass and makes it all the more enjoyable when you do so.

The second big hit for me are the refined dribbling mechanics. Forget Lionel Messi… I wanna play like Ronaldo! The REAL, ORIGINAL Ronaldo. R9.

But personal bias aside, ‘no touch dribbling’ when executed well is an amazing weapon to have in your attacking arsenal. The new feature allows you to glide past players as you would in real life by using feints on the run (or standing still) without touching the ball to send the opponent running (or sliding) the wrong way. Needless to say it is very gratifying to pull of and works very well with quick and agile players such as Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Hazard and Sanchez.

Next, In FIFA Ultimate Team Draft, fans can compete in single player or online in a single knockout string of four games to achieve rewards – the more games won, the better the reward to utilize in your FUT Club. Once fans enter a Draft using virtual coins, FIFA Points, or a Draft Token, they will choose from one of five formations, then a captain, and then go on to fill out the rest of their 23-man squad by selecting a player from a choice of five in each position.

FIFA Ultimate Team Draft provides a great entry point for players who rarely venture and spend time with the Ultimate Team feature. Build your teams pretty effortlessly and enjoy the game. That why we play isn’t it?

FIFA 16 has definitely tuned things quite well under the hood and added enough features to make fans sit up – notably Womens’ Football. It is great for anyone who loves the game to pick it up and get a hang of in a short while. Thhe learning curve is a simple one, but mastery… well, that’s another story. FIFA 16 sets the standard for football (or soccer) games. See you on the pitch!

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