Review: Entwined (PS4) – A Love Story thats Simple and Addictive

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Beautiful graphics and amazing use of color
Amazing soundtrack
Beautiful story about true love
Patterns can be a bit difficult at times to complete
Only 90 minutes of gameplay or less if your good

I’ve never been a fan of games where you just watch graphics on the background, and that’s it. I never quite understood why they even existed as I’ve always been more of an RPGer. Entwined changed my mind completely.

At its core, its a simplified version of a music game where you just use analogue sticks to move two lights into positions on the screen that hit targets. Now while this is no revolutionary game mechanic, what makes this game truly special is not only the graphics and music, but the story you tell.

The story is about a love that shouldn’t be, couldn’t be, but is. You play as both a fish and a bird at the same time. In order for their love to flourish they need to work together to help it mature. You control both souls simultaneously with the analog sticks and bring them together over the course of many lifetimes.

As you continue to hit the objects with them both, you are overcoming the obstacles that are trying to keep them apart and stop their love from being. By doing this you create a song. A song that is both soothing and beautiful. After you fill their meters to full, their love comes to fruition and they combine to become a strong, powerful, yet enduring and gorgeous dragon.

Each level ends with the dragon floating around, under your control, looking for sustenance to keep it going. Once full, it bursts into a stream of colors as it flies around before separating for the next level.

Although a very simple game, it is the simplicity makes it very addicting. I found myself wanting to keep seeing them get together over and over again.

Entwined is a game about forbidden love, and the beautiful song we create to make it happen.