Destiny 2

[REVIEW] Destiny 2 – An Upgrade With Its Own Issues

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The Good
Everything feels more polished
Classes have greater options
Best enjoyed with Friends
The Bad
Microtransactions make the game unbalanced
Original game stats don't port over
Quests and enemies feel rehashed

After 3 Years, Bungie has released the sequel to their highly anticipated FPS Destiny with many new options and brand new content.

Learning from it’s predecessor, Destiny 2 proves to be a vast improvement, and yet comes along with its own set of problems. At it’s core, Destiny 2 now has a much more engaging story with more memorable characters than the first game. With better graphics and an improved in game navigation system for in-game events and loot, the game feels much more worth the buy for players.

Destiny 2 does bring about quite a bit of new content such as the switchable sub-classes for the 3 starting classes, which give players a more customizable option for their characters to feel more personal  rather than having standardized and honestly redundant build for every character like the first game.

In terms of the story, Destiny 2 makes a vast improvement over its predecessor, making it feel more epic and worth playing. I don’t even remember what we were fighting for in the first game, but Destiny 2 makes it more clear cut with a story mode that feels much more thought out.

The graphics for Destiny 2 are simply beautiful and look so crisp. Cut scenes are just a joy to watch. The graphics during gameplay also shine through as character models and scenery look fantastic and it makes open world exploration much more enjoyable.

Multiplayer, whether it be co-op or PVP, shines in this game and everything feels more polished. Also, the main point of Destiny is to play with other players all round the world, with the best part being that now you can level up playing PVP, open world exploration and dungeons. This removes the need to grind on certain planets just to level up and gives players a variety of options to play, and stick to the type of gameplay they’re better at if they wanted to level fast.

I think at the center of it, Destiny 2 is more enjoyable with friends. Form a team and head in for strikes and raids for the most awesome loot available. It feels a lot like raiding in World of Warcraft where you band together with your friends and guild members to take down everything you see to reach the end and reap the spoils of war.

However, Destiny 2 does have quite a few downsides. First off all, the grinding done in the first game does not carry over, so say good bye to all those hours spent getting the best loot in the game, they do however port your characters looks and profile (not level,stats or equipment) over, which is nice… not.

Most of the enemies feel rehashed and there aren’t many new character models. It makes you wonder if the developers ran out of ideas, were just to lazy to fully render more enemies. Quests also get repetitive at times, with not much uniqueness after hours into the game.

My biggest gripe of all is that they brought back micro-transactions which can significantly increase your equipment power and give you an edge over everyone else – which makes the game pay-to-win. Paying for PS Plus and the game isn’t enough apparently.

Overall, Destiny 2 is definitely a great game you should pick up if you’re into FPS and playing with friends or people online. Just keep in mind all the downsides mentioned and if you can overlook them, you’ll have a great time in the world of Destiny.

Destiny 2 is now available on PS4 and XBOX ONE. It will also be available on PC on October 24 2017.