Review: Chicago The Musical Is Not To Be Missed

In life there are certain things that take us away from our daily lives and bring us to a place where we can witness, and be a part of, something spectacular. In Singapore, that something spectacular is called Chicago The Musical.

Set in the roaring 20’s, Chicago takes us to a time of hot music, hot moves and even hotter women. The story revolves around two lead women who want nothing more than to be special and famous, who happen to be on trial for killing their lovers. This was time before iPads and computers, and our main source of entertainment was both the stage and the news. Reporters were always looking for that next big headline, and aspiring performers looking to make a name for themselves. Sex and murder creates big headlines, and these ladies used it to their advantage.

The cast of Chicago has been brilliantly put together. The two leads playing Roxie Heart and Velma Kelly will amaze you with both their voices and their dance moves. Now for all the musical theater ladies out there, there’s much for the women to see, almost a bit too much. All the men are clad in the tightest pants known to man, and aren’t afraid to shake their money makers. Throw in some hot choreography and the excitement just doesn’t end.

Now the only let down for me is that there are sections where there is a very long solo sung and very little movement. It leaves the audience feeling a bit awkward as they stare at a statue on stage. While this only happens twice, it’s a shame because the rest of the show was choreographed so beautifully.

However, the stage production crew did an amazing job building the stage and making sure every piece of the stage was more than just a prop, but an actual part of the show. The lighting was perfectly choreographed to the movements of the dancers and never off its mark. The band was my favorite part of the whole show. Not only did they sound amazing but really fun to watch. They are as much a part of the show as Roxy and Velma, and often overshadow the rest of the cast with their over the top eccentricity and stage presence. They exude a love for playing, performing and and interacting with the audience. It has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

If you’re new to musical theater productions, Chicago the Musical is a great show to start with. It has it all. If you’re a veteran of the theater then this is a can’t miss show. Not only is the cast great but the music and stage are amazing. Tickets are hotter than the jazz so make sure you get yours before they sell out. Chicago the Musical definitely gets the Juan Pablo’s stamp of approval.