Review: Burnt Ends Is Definitely One Of Asia’s Finest Restaurants

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Ranked No.14 on Asia’s 50 best restaurants in 2016, I knew I just had to pay Burnt Ends, Located at 20 Teck Lim Road, Singapore, a visit.

Working it’s way up the list (previously No. 30) Burnt Ends is a Modern Australian Barbecue restaurant offering casual dining that keeps upping its game. Walking into the restaurant I was quite surprised how small it was – it probably seating 20-25 people at a time. With its open kitchen concept, the best seats are located right where the chefs are and you get to see them cut and prepare the individual masterpieces. For my visit though, I was seated in front of the Bar which wasn’t too bad as well.

The menu at Burnt Ends changes daily depending on what ingredients they have. You can have the peace of mind that everything is fresh! Individual dishes can be a bit pricey, so If you’re on a budget, i’d suggest sharing everything so you, and your partner, or group of friends can get a bite of everything.

I decided to get a little of everything, from their bar snacks to their appetizers, mains and desserts, everything was cooked to perfection and worth every cent. The food was delectable and felt like the flavours were gently coaxed out of each ingredient. A must try is the ‘Sanger’ – their famous pulled pork burger. A burger so good I could eat it twice… that is if I still had the room for it! The steaks were cooked to perfection and the bar snacks were divine. The dessert was so good it made me tear. It’s about the only time that I could not find fault with the dishes even if I tried.

At the bar, you’ll find that they age certain liquor in barrels for their cocktails, which you don’t normally see at other restaurants.

Apart from the food though, for me, the most important part of a dining experience for me is the service. Burnt Ends’ as top notch, akin to being served at an upscale restaurant without the formality. Everyone there is so calm and knows what they have to do. Everything ran smoothly and the servers were very attentive and made my meal even that much more enjoyable and unforgettable. Also, if you have any questions about the menu, the servers are well equipped to answer anything that may concern you, so don’t worry too much about that either!

Overall, I think I found my new go to restaurant for any kind of event I want to bring my close friends or partner to because I’ll know I’ll be well taken care of. So, if you don’t mind splurging a bit more, it is still great value for money. Try out Burnt Ends and you’ll agree that it deserves its spot on Asia’s 50 best restaurants!

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