Review: AfterShokz Bluez 2 – Good to the Bone

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The Highs
Light and comfortable
Great mic pickup
Clear audio
The Lows
Might need to adjust EQ between different types of music

The AfterShokz Bluez 2 wireless bone-conduction headphones might look like they belong on the set of a sci-fi show, but other than turning heads, they get the job done… well.

When it comes to headphones, we have quite the variety in the market – on-ear, in-ear, buds, pods and now ‘no-ear’ with bone conduction. But what is bone conduction?

Ever listened to a recording of yourself and go “wait… I don’t sound like that”? Why? Because, bone conduction. Our skull conducts lower frequencies better than air, making people perceive their own voices to be lower and fuller than others do.

In the same way, the AfterShokz Bluez 2 wireless bone-conduction headphones delivers sound through your cheekbones. I have to say the first time I tried it on, I couldn’t help but visualize myself as Mass Effect’s Shepard with his N7 visor.


For someone that’s so used to on-ear headphones, the AfterShokz Bluez 2 took a little bit of getting used to. The headset is generally a snug fit that lightly hugs the back of your head. After a few minutes, I hardly remembered it was there.

AfterShokz calls the Bluez 2 “the only wireless stereo headphones that allow you to tune in to mobile devices—for music, calls and other audio—without tuning out the world around you.” It was very interesting how I could clearly hear the music playing from my iPhone and still have a very strong sense of what else was going on around me.

That then brought me to my next question… could everyone else hear what I listening to? Apparently not. Yes, I hate it when someone’s headset is blaring so loud that you’re forced to listen to whatever hey decide to put on. I never want to be that guy. We took turns setting the Bluez 2 on full volume and it still wasn’t an audio-space-invader.


What I did realize though was at higher volumes, while Ed Sheeran’s tunes generally played without any issue, Foo Fighters (or anyone else that was heavy on drums) would cause a noticeable tremble/vibration on the cheekbones. It didn’t make the headphones unwearable though. However this can be solved by fiddling around with the EQ settings.

I was really impressed by the microphone and environmental noise cancelling though. Walking along a busy street, the headset’s mic had no issues picking up what I was saying and delivering it clearly. I found that I did not have to raise my voice, it just worked.

AfterShokz claims that the Bluez 2 can last for about six hours of music and calls. That seems about right. It was about 2 days of casual use before I had to recharge again.

While it might take a little getting used to, the AfterShokz Bluez 2 (retailing at SGD 139) wireless bone-conduction headphones is great all-rounder for active people and a great buy for it’s price range.